Monday, December 26, 2011

The Woman in the Mirror is Me

Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately? I did. And I didn't like what I saw. Dark spots, fine lines, and gray hairs! I'm old. I'm really getting old. =(

A few years back, I've been told that I look young at my age but that was before I got married and gave birth. Now at 31 years, I can't help but ask myself if I would still pass as a women in her 20s. Hmmm... I guess not specially from all those sleepless night that comes with taking care of a baby. Quino turned 6 months last week by the way.

So now, the big question. Should I just let it pass since aging is inevitable anyway. Or should I do something about it? Hell yeah! I got to do something about it! ASAP! New Year is just around the corner which means I'll turn a year older in a few months!! Arrggh!!

First, I need to change my eating habits. I'll try to eat healthy. That means lessen all the fried stuff and add veggies to my daily meal. I guess I also have to lessen my junk food cravings. Exercise? Hmmmm... I've better start again soon. I actually liked the fact that I wasn't able to shed the extra 12 pounds since giving birth. I'm now at 115 lbs and I think it suits me well. It made me loom healthy than my previous 103 lbs, 5'4, sickly frame.

My make up kit (everyday essentials) consists of MAC studio fix powder foundation NC30, Avon smooth mineral blush in blushed, Maybelline Lash Discovery Mascara, VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Lipbalm, Maybelline Lipstick in buff, and Revlon lipstick in true red. Those are the only makeup I use. I have some eyeshadows from Clinique and Lancome but I seldom use it anyway so it doesn't count. As for my daily regimen, I use Dove soap, Pantene shampoo and conditioner, Nivea lotion, Body Shop scrub, Ponds facial wash, and Nivea sparkling white cream.

Calling the beauty junkies and experts out there! Can someone recommend some of their favorite makeups and beauty products? I'm leaning on changing my blusher and lipstick. I heard about Nars orgasm and super orgasm. Any feedbacks? I'm also looking for the best anti aging and whitening products in the market. I've read about good feedback on VMV cleansers and Olay total effects. Are these good?

I'll get myself new products this year. I'll add these in my new year's resolution. My goodness, my son is so cute so I need to cope up with his looks. I don't want to be mistaken as my son's yaya!

young woman or an old lady?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Movers Connection

I've been sooo busy the last few weeks that I haven't been updating my blog. You see, I've been busy with the latest chapter in my married life. We finally moved out and living on our own. Just the three of us - husband, wife, and baby. Ok, make it four including our helper.

We've been thinking of moving out once I give birth but my in laws wanted to take care of the baby. I guess it was better in a way since we'll be able to save more for the renovation of our house. Yes, it's not a brand new house. My parents gave/lend it to us so we could start on our own. Shameless, I know but I was really in desperate need to move out. A castle cannot have 2 kings and queens afterall.

I pretty much left everything to them since my husband knows how I would prefer our house to be. I've been saving pics on my dream kitchen, bedroom, livingroom, bathroom, etc. He liked most of it anyway so I was confident my husband knows exactly what we wanted. These are some of our inspirations. Our theme is red, black, white, and gray.

It was a nightmare for me though, in terms of budgeting. I know it could be costly but I didn't realize that it would be THAT COSTLY! Aside from the cost of rebuilding the house, we had to buy appliances and furniture. We were lucky enough to have a few appliances and some basic household stuff which we got as wedding gifts. Nonetheless, we are officially rich in dept.

Moving out was easy as well since we've brought a few of our stuff over on a weekly basis since last month. As for the furniture, well, almost everything was new so it was delivered straight to our home.

I really want to share and blog about a lot of things since this housewife stuff is just new and exciting to me. Like me starting to learn how to cook, plan meals, budget, helper issue, etc, but I just have so little time. I guess those are what I'll be blogging about in the next few months!

A better way to end this story is to give you a peek of our modest home. It still feels empty since we still have lots of spaces and walls to decorate and it's not as big as I would have wanted but like how one eraserheads song goes, "bahay namin maliit lamang, pero pero pero malinis to pati sa kusina." ;D

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I just bought 3 books last weekend. I was on sky high! I realize that I've been a zombie spending my day in front of the telly and laptop for the last few months (that is, when I'm not taking care of my baby boy) and frankly, I feel that my brain is getting skinny as my arse. I've been itching to buy books for weeks so when the release of my much anticipated book for this year, "Son Of Neptune" finally came, I'm glad I was able to find other good reads to feed my starving brain and imagination.

I love books! I guess my 550-graded eyeglasses can attest to that. I read everything from classic, horror, fantasy, inspirational, religious, adventure, even comics and sometimes those old boring philosophical ones. Except love stories. Nope. I don't read purely romantic books. I don't know but it just bores me. Right now, my favorites are those for young adults.
I started reading and collecting pocketbooks when I was in third grade. I can still remember my first three books: 1 Sweet Valley Kids and 2 Sweet Valley Twins. I was hooked! I was lucky enough to have a father who was more than willing to buy books for his spoiled daughter.
In high school, I was told not to spend too much time reading since my astigmatism is getting higher - from 50, it went up to 225 in two years. As a result, my papa decided to refrain from buying too many books. But hey, ever heard of the library? Almost every other day, I borrowed books from our library and spent my time at home curled up in my room with books on my right hand and food on my left.
Sometimes I'd miss those day.. those lazy days when I can finish a book for a day. Now, its already a luxury if I can finish five chapters uninterrupted. And of course I can't bring my books to anywhere I want to. I don't like to see crumpled books with folded pages. I always make sure I take care of my books properly so I don't open them too widely when I'm reading.
A friend also suggested that I get a kindle or an iPad with ebook reader. That would look so neat, in a techie geeky kind of way. I really would if I could but I can't so I shan't. Remember my astigmatism? I don't want to be legally blind in a few years! 550 is already freaking high! Anyway, traditional books or ebooks, I don't care, I just hope I'll be able to finish my recent stash before October ends. I'm craving for more and I intend on adding a few good titles on my booklist.

Friday, September 30, 2011

On Cloth Diapers: Babies Are Expensive!

A friend told me once that they're not in a hurry to have a baby since they are simply too costly, that they're not financially and emotionally ready to have one. You know what, they're oh so right!

My goodness, we allot about Php5,000 just for baby Quino's daily need like milk, diaper, and distilled water. Monthly vaccines and other baby stuff not included, which may fall between Php5,000-Php10,000. Of this total, we're spending Php1,000 monthly for disposable diapers. That's a lot of money if you'll think of the yearly cost from birth until your baby is potty trained.

This is why I decided to use cloth diapers instead. Although a piece is expensive at Php1,000 (atleast the brand that I'm using)but if you'll think about it, is it actually cheaper in the long run, it's also good for the environment. These are actually a modern kind of cloth diapers and not the traditional lampin that our mothers used when we were little (but according to my mom, she used disposable diapers when I was a baby). I tried using the traditional lampin on my baby but I can't figure out how to fold it. Hehehe. Sorry, newbie mommy here.

A few friends discouraged me from using one mainly because its too much of a hassle and modern cloth diapers are not exactly cheaper like a pack of disposable ones. Yeah, I know it's too tedious but I'm really after the long tern goal.

I also found out that using cloth diaper will make potty training easier for babies. And since I plan on having another child (in a couple of years), our next baby can even wear the same diapers my baby Quino is now using.

The best thing I like about cloth diapers is that in my own little way, I'll be able to help save Mother Earth. I'm not really sure if disposable diapers are non biodegradable, but I know that by using one, I won't be adding to the overflowing landfills in metro manila.

These are some of the reasons I choose to use cloth diapers. It's like a road less traveled specially here in the Philippines - something that not every mother would prefer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

For the last few weeks, my officemates and I have been discussing on how to have an extra income. From tutorial to paid by clicks online, name it we've talked about it. Why do we need it when we have stable jobs? Of course, to have more money! We can never have too many money. Don't get me wrong, I love the simple things in life like waking up every morning, a kiss and hug from my loved ones, and a simple smile from anybody I know. But money will also give me the stuffs that I've been dreaming about.

One of those officemates, Jodet of
The Kitchen Apron created her dreamboard - the things she wanted to have as a result of her hard earned money. That's why I decided to make mine. I actually had this list since I graduated from college. It's the things I wanted to have for myself before I reach 50 years old. I don't really need a long list since most of the time, I'm contented with my life or with what I have. You can say that these are just some stuff that will make me say that I'm really really contented and fulfilled.

1. Egypt, 2. Cambodia, and 3. Italy. These are the three countries I badly want to visit. Sure, traveling to other places will make me happy but these three are my ultimate dream destinations. The Pyramids of Egypt, The Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Rome, Italy. I guess I'm just a history buff and have always been fascinated in the ancient civilization.

4. Emerald ring and earrings. Just because my favorite color is green and emerald is my birth stone.

5. Own house and lot. I know I'll inherit a few from my parents but nothing beats the pride and satisfaction to say that I bought my own house and lot from my own money.

6. Baby. One of the things I fear the most is not being able to produce an offspring. I'm glad I did and I want 2 more if possible. That's one dream fulfilled!

7. Car. Just like number 5, I want to get one for myself. How can I be a soccer mom if I don't have my own car? But first I need to learn how to drive. Hahaha!

8. Partner in life. Number 6 will not be possible without the number 7 on my list. I thought I would never find another man after the trauma I've experienced from my first boyfriend. I'm glad I found the one. That's a big check on my list!

2 out of 8 is not so bad huh. Anyway, I still have two decades to achieve these things. Are these possible? Or do think it'll remain a dream? You betcha it is! I believe in the power of perseverance and positive thinking. ;)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not A Bagaholic

I've never been a bag person. Sure, I absolutely love shoes but with bags, I just make sure I have one in basic colors, black, white, and brown. Bags just doesn't excite me like what shoes do. Maybe because bags are more expensive than shoes. Hahaha!

For a number of weeks now, I've been obsessing on these bags
Cambridge Satchels and the Mulberry Alexa. I've been seeing these cuties on quite a number of fashion websites and magazines and I've been dying to get myself one. Good thing we have a local distributor for Cambridge Satchel in the country but it's just too bad it cost more than five grand depending on its size. For a cheapskate like me, I just can't get myself to spend that amount on a bag. How many packs of disposable diaper and infants milk would I be able to buy for Php5000? Yes, that's the practical mommy in me thinking!

I read on one blog (I forgot where exactly) that there is no copyright law in the fashion industry. So I'm confident I'll find a cheaper alternative (not fake) that would fit my taste and budget. And boy, did I find one! I just opened my multiply account and the first thing I saw was a post by Therapy BaSo I have to look for a cheaper alternative and boy, did I found one! gs that these Alexa and Cambridge satchels-like bags were open for preorder. And at freaking Php999 only! So I paid my deposit and after two agonizing weeks, I got mine! Yey!

So, Cambridge satchel - check! Alexa bag - hmmm... maybe not now. I'm planning on expanding my shoes collection. Like what I've said, I've not a bagaholic.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I Dream A Dream

An officemate once asked me, "Ano ba pangarap mo sa buhay?" Without battling an eyelid, I answered her "Just three things: to get married, to have a child of my own, and to live comfortably." It's that simple.

When I was a kid, I'd always dream of becoming a prima ballerina. During grade school and high school, I wanted to be a journalist. In college, I took up Psychology and wanted to be an HR Manager. I even took up graduate studies in Psychology to help me achieve this goal. Well, I had ballet lessons, I became a literary editor in our school paper, and I became an HR Personnel. I am that determined and persistent. If I want something, I'll make sure I'll get it. However, dreams do change.

Before I got married, I've realized that I don't want a career in the industry. There had been plenty of opportunities for a possible promotion, a career growth, but I declined, that's not what I want and it won't make me happy. If I'm in a management level, would I have time for my husband? Would it be easy for us to make a family? Heck, I don't want to risk any of it. That's why I'm perfectly happy working even as a rank and file employee. I work, go home on time, and get paid. I don't really want a big responsibility at work and I prefer a bigger responsibility at home - that is, becoming a wife and a mother.

When I gave birth to Quino, I finally became a mother. It's what I've always wanted. I don't think I can even put into words, the happiness I've felt upon the realization that I have everything I ever wanted - a loving husband and son. Sometimes it's tiring, they would also drive me crazy with both their demands but I like taking care of my two boys. My fulfillment in life - the essence of my womanhood.

My 60-day maternity leave is over and I'll be going back to work. I really want to quit my job and just take care of my baby boy but I also want to help my husband with the expenses, specially now that we'll be moving soon to our own place. So for now, I'll just have to wait for a while. One day, I'll be a Stay-at-Home-Mom who'll take care of my husband and kids fulltime, but not this time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Challenge Accepted!

Months before I gave birth, my parents and in laws already told my husband and I that they prefer to have the baptism of our baby within a month of birth. Stuff like the venue, food, number of guests, godparents, etc., were suggested but I just shrug it off. O don;t want to be dictated, It is, after all, our baby, so the decision will still depend on us and our budget. We wanted our baby's baptism after 3 months, that way, I'd be back at work and we'll have additional budget. But parents could be annoying sometimes so we gave in and agreed to have the baptism once our baby is more than a month.

I gave birth and took care of my newborn. Hospital bills, diaper, baby essentials, plus our usual bills and household expenses. Oh boy, I never though it was THAT costly! You see, I'm quite careful with our finances. I always make sure that we have enough savings in case of emergencies. On the other hand, I also discovered that I want to do and give the best of everything to my Quino. So even if I want to have a grand baptism for my baby boy, I agreed to have a simple reception at our house. And so the 2-week planning for "The Php20,000 Baptism Challenge" began.

I scouted for the most affordable caterer in the south and luckily I found one. The only downside is that it doesn't include styling so I had to research online and look for inspirations. With the help of one of my uber reliable friend we were able to come up with ideas for my baby boy's bear themed reception. Next to do is to look for a cake supplier, which was the hardest. Fondant cakes are expensive! And with less than 2 weeks, the allotted timeframe was just not enough. Good thing my tita is an instructor in a baking course (and she also adores my baby boy) so she agreed to do the fondant cake and cupcakes as souvenirs - not for free though but we only paid for the ingredients she used. Later on, I also learned that my in-laws will shoulder the lechon, my parents will provide additional sodas and beer, and that hubby's tita also volunteered to bring additional food. Whew! All these were accomplished within two weeks.

July 31, 2011 came and on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we welcomed our baby boy to the Christian community. Except for the worst baptism ceremony I've attended (the priest was so strict and I find him almost rude), the event came out better than I've expected. I'm so happy that my husband and guests liked the food choices I made. I was also one proud momma everytime I hear compliments regarding my Quino - that he's good looking and was well behaved the whole time. Add to that, we were able to beat "The Php20,000 Challenge" since we only spent approximately Php18,000 for everything.

caterer: Php13200 (Php220/60 pax including tax)
cake/cupcake souvenir: Php3000 (small cake with 60 pieces cupcakes)
decors: Php850 (centerpiece bears were borrowed from friends)
baptismal outfit: Php300
invitations: Php160 (Php8.00/20 pieces only since most were sent online)
ribbons/tags: Php145
church fee: Php450
TOTAL........ Php18105

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


"In this black sultry night I want to end my life
To stop this pain throbbing in my heart
for I have no more zest to continue this fight
If you're not beside me I might not survive."

These are just a few lines from a poem I wrote years ago when my first boyfriend died. Obviously I've moved on and I'm very much happy with my husband and son but that experience changed me. Heaven knows I have not been the same since that fateful day.

I started thinking about my ex when the one month old daughter of one of our tenants died a few days ago. The baby was just a day older than my baby Quino. Actually, I started thinking of my ex's mom. I think I can now understand her pain since I've become a mother. Loosing a child feels like loosing a piece of yourself. It's your own blood and flesh. I remember, on one of our conversations, she said that she can't help but blame and question God for taking her son. I was so shocked. She's one of the most religious persons I know and I cannot believe back then that she would say such things. Tragedies like my ex bf's freak accident can really break one's soul. I know that I was already on the edge of ending my life and I hated myself for even considering that. I didn't blame God but I was angry at myself and my ex. The truth is, I blamed him - my ex boyfriend, for being so stupid and childish.

He was just my boyfriend then but the pain was really unbearable. The feeling was almost surreal. I wanted to wake up from a nightmare but I can't. As I think now, what if it's my child? Argh! This gives me the creeps. I don't even want to think of that. Just thinking of the possibility brings me to tears and already breaking my heart. I hope I will never get to experience this.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Joys and Frustrations of Motherhood

It's been more than a week since I gave birth and everytime I look at my baby Quino, I still can't believe how blessed I am. Everyday, I give my thanks to God for giving us our bundle of joy.

Quino has been the center of attraction on both our families. My husband's family was excited to hold our baby since our arrival from the hospital. It's been too long since a baby came from their family. And my family? Well, it's my parent's first grandchild so you can just imagine the attention they're willing to give to my baby boy. My mama have been making plans already on what she'll do and buy for her grandchild once we move near their place. You see, before the year ends, we'll be moving to our own house my papa "gave" us, which is just 3 houses away from theirs.

Anyway, since I'm a first time mom and motherhood doesn't come with a manual, I've already experienced a few road blocks. No, I'm not bothered (yet) by the lack of sleep since working in a call center already deprives you of one. The first challenge is the crying; sometimes I just can't figure out what he wants. I end up cradling him all the time, which my husband now disapproves. Quino is getting used to this and he thinks I'm spoiling our baby. And right now, my husband and I are both bothered by the rashes he developed on both of his cheeks. Is it allergy? To what then? See picture below... His pedia advised us to use Cetaphil for now and come back to her clinic if rashes would worsen.

Finally, the most frustrating of them all is breastfeeding. Argh!! I hate that I don't produce enough milk for my baby! I feel worthless! Eversince I got pregnant, my mind was set to breastfeeding and it's so upsetting that he don't like to latch on me. I never got to let him latch for the first week of his existence. So now, he prefers being bottle fed. I'm guessing he's got nipple confusion because it has been a struggle for mother and son everytime I try to latch him on me. Well, I tried express feeding but manual pumps are too slow and also adds to my frustration. I can only produce 1 oz per day. I've been taking malunggay capsules and soups but that's just my daily milk production. I'm now trying on drinking herbal tea I brought from Healthy Options to see if it'll make any difference.

I envy the moms who were able to breastfeed their baby. If anyone has a suggestion or tips for this frustrated first time mom, feel free to comment since I'm sooo open and desperate for one. I'm paranoid that I won't be develop a bond with my newborn if I don't get to breastfeed him.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Labor Day Story

The long wait is over. I've waited 40 weeks and 1 day to finally see my baby boy! My Joaquin Inigo or Quino for short. Yes, I gave birth via NSD to a 6-pound baby boy last June 17, 2011 at 8:18 am.

To say that giving birth is painful and hard is an understatement, because it is! I started feeling the "real" contractions at about 11 PM on June 16 (my Estimated Delivery Date) and had the "this is it" feeling that I'll soon deliver my baby. My cervix was already 2 cm dilated for the last 2 weeks. We went to the hospital at 1 AM and they were able to confirm my contractions. At that time, I was already 4 cm dilated.

I fell asleep while in the labor room and the contractions were still pretty much tolerable. At about 6AM, with a 5 cm dilated cervix, my water bag broke. I was asked if I would like to get the epidural already, I said yes even if I can still take the pain. My OB said she normally advise her patients to get the epidural at the start of the active labor stage that's why I agreed. After an hour, the anesthesiologist still had not showed up. I was already crying since I can no longer bear the pain with a 7 cm dilated cervix. Maybe it's also because I was also having stomach pains due to hyperacidity. You see, my last meal was taken at 8 PM and I was already hungry.

Epidural finally was administered and I immediately fell asleep. I felt so sleepy and groggy. I just remembered that I was awaken by my OB instructing me on how to push the baby. I pushed four times and the baby was out. I remember thinking that I want to ask about the gender of the baby but I was too groggy and tired to do so. Good thing I heard that I had a baby boy and I thought that my instinct were correct. As they gave my son to me, I heard them say that it was the "unang yakap" and that I should kiss the baby. They didn't have to tell me that since I was already kissing and hugging my baby at the same time. It was pure bliss!

They are right, the pregnancy and labor pains will all be worth the joy of seeing your baby. I'm already teary eyed as I type the last sentence. I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotions as I look at my husband holding our baby boy in his arms. I now believe in love at first sight.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coming Down The Homestretch

Two to three weeks to go and we'll finally meet our baby! I really can't wait! My hospital bag is almost ready, baby's essential stuff are complete, baby clothes have been washed and ironed, bottles and pumps were sterilized and sealed... Hmmm, can't think of anything else I need to do. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I'm so happy that I was able to do all the things in my pregnancy checklist. Some of these stuff are what you can call "luxuries" or like what my husband would say "dagdag gastos." Among the list, my favorites and "must have" are the 3D ultrasound and maternity photoshoot. I've already posted our baby's 3D ultrasound so this time, I'll be sharing a few shots from my pictorial. After choosing from various studios like Picture Company and Blowup Babbies, I've decided to have it done at Stork Studio in Makati. I love their concepts! And I don't really mind if it's similar to their previous clients' shots since it really looked good all preggies, including me of course!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodbye My Britney

I just learned today that one of my beloved dogs, Britney, died yesterday. She was 8 years old. Pretty old for a dog. They didn't want to tell me the bad news; they plan to tell me about her death on Sunday, since they know I'll be home for fiesta. I don't want to dwell on how she died but she did lived a happy life - as happy as any lucky dog can be. She's sweeter than her mother, Bambi, my other dog. Sayang talaga. She never had a chance to play with my future baby, how sad. I can't do anything now but to cry. Britney should now be in animal heaven.. :(

A tribute to my sweet Britney:
October 24, 2002 - May 4, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Glimpse

I've been dying to know the features of my baby eversince I got pregnant. Aside from a maternity photoshoot, one of the things I got to have is the 3D and 4D ultrasound. One of the most popular ultrasound center is at In My Womb and I was surprised to learn the cost of such service. It's a bit costly (all pregnancy related lab works are!) considering all the expenses we need at this third trimester but I was adamant to see my still unborn baby inside my womb.

So last April 17, my ever supportive husband and I went to the Mall of Asia to have an ultrasound. We decide to get the Pearl Package even if I really wanted to avail of their Ruby Package. Anyway, while waiting, what's a shopaholic soon-to-be-mom can do but to shop for baby stuff of course! We bought some newborn essentials like receiving blankets, tiesides, mittens, bonnets, bolster and pillows from SM department store as well as onesies from Baby Gap.

Anyway, after our wallets were almost drained from all those shopping, we had the ultrasound I've been wairing for. According to the fetal biometry, our baby is now in a cephalic presentation with good cardiac and somatic activity. However, we were'nt able to see his/her facial features since the baby is at his/her back. Hay... we'll just come back next time.

I've been talking to our baby for the next succeeding days to show his/her face to us for the next ultrasound and last April 20, we finally saw a glimpse of our little angel. We still didn't ask the sonologist to check the gender but my gut feeling is that we'll be having a boy (I don't mind having a girl either). It was so beautiful! I can't really describe what I felt during that time but I remember I kept looking at my husband who was smiling all the time. It was just so great! So unbelievable! I feel so blessed!

Now I only have to wait for less than 2 months, just less than 2 months and I'll be a mom!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One of Those Pregnancy Post

I've been on hiatus for about a month now. I just feel so lazy eversince I got pregnant - I don't want to do anything except to lie around, watch TV, and read articles about pregnancy. I've also been itching to buy baby stuff but the oldies keep reminding me to start buying on my last trimester.

And now, it's almost here, will turn 29 weeks tomorrow! Time to start buying baby stuff! I've been dying to buy this cute crib for a couple of months now. Gosh, how time flies! It seems like yesterday, I posted how we decided to try conceiving and soon I'll be giving birth.

Don't ask for my baby's gender since we're keeping it a surprise. Honestly, I'm so tempted to schedule an ultrasound by myself so I can pretend to my husband that I don't know the gender but come to think of it, it's a bit exciting to know the gender on the D day itself. Don't you think? Anyway, here's a pic of my tummy at 28 weeks. It's still small compare to other but my OB Gyne assured us that the baby is developing just fine.

Friday, February 25, 2011

No Plastics Please!

At least in Muntinlupa...

City Ordinance 10-109 entitled “An Ordinance Prohibiting the Use of Plastic Bags on Dry Goods, Regulating its Utilization on Wet Goods and Prohibiting the Use of Styrofoam/Styrophor in the City of Muntinlupa” will take effect on January 18 after a year-long moratorium since it was approved last year to give stakeholders ample time to adjust and conform.

(image taken from

I've saw this ordinance early this year but I never thought it'll be implemented. Well, I had hope it would since it's good for the environment but I was really doubtful.

I had quite a surprise when my husband came home a few weeks ago with my Jollibee takeout (been craving for their burger steaks) on a brown bag. I was like "What's in that bag? Where's my Burger Steak?" Hmm... so they finally decided to implement the ban on plastic bag. I hope it'll last long.

I'm not going to enumerate or tackle it's environmental relevance since I think most of us are aware anyway. Anyway, Muntinlupa city also launched the “Bring Your Own Bag/Bayong (BYOB)" campaign so I was happy that I would be able to use my reusable cloth bag (also my Christmas gifts for my girlfriends). They're so useful and more convenient than the brown bag or the boxes that are used when buying groceries.

I guess the only thing that I didn't like are the brown bags. It can easily get torn. I hate it when I buy wet goods from the market or at least drinks from 7-11, it gets soggy and can't support the items. Oh well, it's just a manner of getting used to it anyway.

I live and work in Alabang, Muntinlupa but I'm still loyal to my home town, Las Pinas. At times when I feel my taxes just go straight to politicians' pockets, it's nice to know that there are still decent local politicians who actually care for the people and our environment. I'm not sure if this is being implemented in any other cities in Metro Manila but I hope other cities would follow soon. Possible, right?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh My Gas!

I don't drive (because I don't know how) so I don't really pay attention everytime we go to the gas station. I just know that the cost of super unleaded is within Php30.00 to Php40.00++ per liter. When I watch the news, I always hear complaints from jeepney drivers about the cost of diesel. Again, I'm not affected too much.

So you can just imagine my surprise when I saw the price of super unleaded. Php50.50. Fifty freaking pesos and fifty centavos! My god! It's sooo effing expensive! Wala na ba halaga ang piso? Then I check all the gas receipts I've kept in a month. Wahhh!!! I'm not an effective home planner!!

Right then and there, I decided to stop using daily our car going to work. Uhmm... I maybe over reacting... Since I'm pregnant and really hate commuting in the morning to work, I changed my mind and told my hubby to use the car twice a week instead. Anyway, our office is just a 5-10 minutes drive from work, so it won't be such an inconvenient.

Oh boy... I though I'm doing a great job budgeting our finances. Arrgh! I'm so bothered by the current prices of these basic commodities. I wonder if the government is doing something about this..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's our First!

I've already drafted a blog post for our first wedding anniversary trip to Coron. I usually make my draft through word pad but since our pc crashed along with a lot of my files and pictures, I have no choice except to start from scratch. So on to my story... I'll try to make it short as much as possible since I don't want to bore you with some of my nonsence blah blah. =)

We celebrated our first anniversary last December 8. Since it was a holiday of obligation, we chose to just hear mass at the same church we were married. Our celebration/vacation though, was spend in Coron last December 17-19. It was a double wedding celebration with our couple friends, it was their 6th year.

Anyway, since I'm pregnant and was having an afternoon sickness and motion sickness, my husband almost decided to cancel this trip. I was adamant since it might be our last time to travel before we have a baby. Due to the limited time, we decided to have an island hopping packed itinerary. We arrived in Coron at noon and stayed at Rudy's Place (I don't really like the place but it's cheap and we just took baths and sleep there anyways so I guess it'll do. Their food on the other hand is superb! Sarap!).

Our first stop was Kayangan Lake. The climb up was a challenge since it was slippery and steep but I like to think I was fit that's why I had few difficulties. The view is amazing, worth the climb. It's my favorite among all the islands in Coron. We went to Twin Lagoon next but the boatman and our guide told me it'll be hard for me and it was (per my husband) so I just stayed at the boat.

The next day, we're off to Bulog Dos Island and Malcapuya. I so love Bulog Dos! It was just a tiny island but the view is so breathtaking! Malcapuya is similar but just bigger. Check out my lomo pics at my other blog . To sum it up, I've been to a lot of beautiful beaches in the Philippines. So far, Coron is the best for that relaxing beach life we're all looking for. What makes it more amazing is because I spend it along with the most important person in my life.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lechon de Aso

I meant to post this last 01.01.11 but our PC was busted. What a way to start the new year. Luckily, I was able to get myself a new netbook. Hooray! I'm back to blogging!

Every new year's eve had been a terrible experience for my dogs (I think this applies to all pets) with all those firecrackers and extremely loud sounds. We don't have any problem with Britney (7 years old) since she just stays at the corner of the house silently trembling but it's a different story for my other dog, Bambi (10 years old). She can't stay at one corner, she pees everywhere, knocks off all the trashcans and vases she can see. We tried comforting her but we end up having tons of scratches. Anyway, after 10 years we just got tired of her. She just ignore her her and let her do whatever she wants since it's just once every year.

At 12:00 midnight, we all went outside to watch the fireworks. Yada yada, boom boom here, boom boom there. When we got back inside, my parents were laughing so hard because they found Bambi at a very unusual spot in the house... at the top of our dining table trembling but otherwise looking calm. She looked so cute even if she's dirty! My fat dog even looks like a substitute for lechon de leche. Good thing she didn't eat any of food. Hahaha! I just adore my dogs!