Monday, January 28, 2008

Need for Speedy!

Eversince I saw the LV Mini Lin speedy, I feel in love with this classic designer bag. I want to collect all the LV speedy bags because its so roomy I can just bring all the essentials things I need. I wanted to buy since last year but my friends and boyfriend don't want to. They said it won't be practical because I can buy a LOT with the price of a single bag. Of course I know that, its a designer bag for Pete's sake! But I feel I deserve to allow myself and indulge in this obsession even for once. After all, after almost 10 years of corporate enslavement, I want to give myself a gift/reward just because. The boyfriend still disagrees and don't want me to spend most of my savings on a single bag. I can easily buy a class AAA LV speedy bag but naaahh, it won't be the same. Di ko naman mapapamana yun sa aking future fashionista daughter (hopefully my Nico and I will produce one). That is why, I'll jus buy it next Christmas. Para makapag-ipon pa ako.

NOTA BENE: this is the uber shallow Ayen writing...
Mini Lin
mini lin croisette
damier azur speedy
Monogram Damier