Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Shopaholic

I was on my usual blog hopping mode when I saw a post from The Wifey Diaries about another book from my favorite chic lit, The Shopoholic Series. Oh boy, I really got so excited!!
I love this book because sometimes I can really relate to Becky Bloomwood (minus the financial credit card problems) on her love for shopping. I mean most girls I know does too. I can really walk around the mall all day without being tired and I can hop from one boutique to another which really annoys my otherwise normally patient husband. Hahaha! Can't wait til September for the book launch!! I wonder if reservations are now available at Powerbooks....

Friday, July 9, 2010

Photo Loco

I love looking at various pictures since I've always been a fan of photography. Digital or Analogue, it doesn't matter. Growing up, I've told myself that I'll buy the newest camera model and take photography lessons.

I can still remember my first camera, a Fuji 110 Film Format Camera. When I was in grade school, I always make sure that I have it with me during our field trip or school activities. In high school, I've started using an Olympus 135 film format camera. As usual, I always have it with me during various occasions. During college, I became a fan of camera phones. You can say that I was sort of the unofficial photographer of my different barkada, hence, I wasn't included in some of our group pics. =) When digital cameras came to the scene, I pleaded with my parents to buy one for our family (read: for me) but it took a lot of time and persuasion before they bought me one. Then along came the DSLR - everything I've ever wanted in a camera. Or so I thought.
During our wedding preps, I became obsessed with wedding photography. It was during this time when I discovered lomography. It's not something high tech. Lomography actually uses film cameras and emphasizes casual and snapshot photography.

I bought my first lomo camera in ebay, a Holga 120N with flash, for I think about Php1800 (about $39.13). My first roll of film was a disaster but it didn't stop me from buying more films. Thankfully, I got the shots and looks that I wanted. Practice indeed makes perfect. It was lomo love! I forgot I've wanted a DLSR camera. Lomo cameras are more exciting! You never know what you'll gonna get. It gives me great pride knowing that these pictures are good just the way it is and are not digitally enhanced or "photoshoped." Another good thing about this is that lomo cameras are definitely way cheaper than their digital counterparts. Camera films and developing, on the other hand, costs a lot in the long run. A 120 film (12 shots) cost more or less Php200 (about $4.35) each and to develop it would be about Php135-150 (about $2.93-$3.26) through Digiprint. That's why I asked my husband to get me a Diana mini camera with flash since it uses 135 films which means cheaper films and more shots.

I could just go on and on about my new found love on lomography. So much that I created a blog dedicated to lomo pics at But don't get me wrong, part of me still adores digital photography. I must admit that I still use my digicam as a backup just in case my lomo pictures doesn't turn out the way I wanted them to be. I still want to get myself a DLSR but not as much as I wanted to get more film cameras.