Friday, April 12, 2013

Mommy Paranoia

As a mom, I cannot think of anything that I wouldn't do for my son. I'll shower him with all the love, affection I can give. I'll sacrifice my career and myself to ensure his well-being. I'll do overtime and work my ass off to send him to the best school and provide the best of everything for him. Bottomline, my son is one of the two most important people in my life.
I'm sure you've heard the news lately. Cases of missing children. Malls, church, and even within your own neighborhood, children are being kidnapped. I don't know if it is just an urban legend, but I kept hearing of people in a white van who kidnaps children and sells their organs in the black market. I also heard that these heartless criminals would force their victims to beg for money or worse, prostitution. The latest buzz I've been hearing is that a high-ranking policeman is involved with these disappearances. Hence, news blackout are being implemented.
Who wouldn't be disturbed with these news? Specially for a first time mom like me, who wouldn't be paranoid? If it's just up to me, I will immediately resign from work, take care of my son, and never to leave the house forever. Hahaha! But seriously, I really can't help myself from worrying. Every time our family goes to the mall, I make sure I carry my child even though he's heavy and moves like a kitikiti. Most of the times, I also let him wear a harness. I don't care if people think I'm handling my son like a dog on a leash, better safe than sorry. I also get upset with my husband every time he lets our son run freely in a crowded area. What if he gets distracted? We often argue about this but like what I said, better safe and paranoid than sorry.
My friend shared these pictures in Facebook. If any of you have seen these kids, please please do contact their family. My heart goes to the parents and relatives of these children. I cannot imagine what they've been going through but I hope these kids have been found and safe within their loved ones.
Mommies, let us all be alert at all times. Be in the look out for suspicious behaviours around you.  Keep your eyes to your child at all times. Remember, it is always better safe than sorry.
Dear Lord,

We ask of you,
keep these children safe and sound,
let no harm come before they are found.
They are lost from their family,
from the ones they love,
return them home,
and protect them from above.
Place your loving arms around them today,
guide them safely back home,
to You this we pray.