Monday, August 6, 2007

My Current Obsession

Skulls. Anything with skulls on it. But preferably those with pink skulls. Ang cute diba? It gives you the rebel/rocker attitude while still keeping the sweet lady-like charm. Yep! These are my current obsession. Wierd noh? I think it started when a very insecure former teammate of mine commented that I looked like a skull (you have to understand her since she's still fat despite how many exercises and diets she have had). It was sooo funny so I decided to buy an earrings with a skull enbossed on it. To remind myself on how people can be so stupidly funny specially if they're insecure. So ayun, that's when I began collecting stuff with skulls and bones. Buti nalang din because of the recent success of the movie "Pirates of the Carribean", collecting these wierd things became so easy. And I've also read somewhere that the whole fad of skulls and bones came from the scarves collection of
Alexander McQueen
I'm new with this collection so syempre konti palang mga gamit ko so if you my friends have seen things with skulls and bones, tell me ha! So I can add that to my stuff.


First one in my collection. My friend, Red, saw this earrings at an kiosk besides Jollibee in ATC. Bought it at P40
Saw this at SM Sucat Dept store. P99 each but with a 50%.
Bought it at SM too. P80
I saw this on I really love this shoes!
Another one from
This one rocks! Liquor Brand from Pink Skull lounge wear from

This is also from

Pink skull print holdall from Dorothy Perkins (I wonder if we have this here in the Philippines...)
This would look good in my room. Pink skull bedsheet from
Converse Low Pink Skulls ( Is this also available here?) Cute tee-shirt from

Pink skulls and bones designer-like watch

Skull print comfy flats, also from
This is soo cute! Saw this at

Next week, I'll be at Greenhills and you can expect me to look out for similar items. Better yet, if you saw something pink with skulls and bones on it, please let me know, alright?!