Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hating Me Won't Make You Pretty

I don't really have a specific person in mind whom I want to tell this to but it goes to all haters out there who seems to have pure "envy" flowing in their blood.

Sometimes, I can just be amazed by how a single person can ruin the festive mood of a whole group. Why can't they just be happy for once in their lives? Emotional vampires as they say.

Hay... this is one of my shortest posts for now... since I'm carrying a life inside me, I really want to stay away from these suckers. Thank God I have my husband, our families, and best friends who shower us with all the positive vibes and happy thoughts we need.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two Lines Means...

Positive!! I'm 6-week pregnant! Yey! I'm don't really know how to describe it but to say that I'm happy is such an understatement! Weeee!!! Hahaha!!

It took us 2 months to conceive and we're so happy that God blessed us this early! I took the pregnancy test since I've been delayed for 2 weeks already. I wanted to do the self test after I missed my period the first week but I was afraid I'll be disappointed again if I don't see a positive result. I didn't know it was heartbreaking when you're expecting that you're pregnant only to have your period the next day. So I told myself that I'll wait for a couple of weeks before taking the test.

Before the test, I've been experiencing a lot of the pregnancy signs already but like what I've said I don't want to think of it too much. But my friends, officemates, and husband all felt it could be different this time. So I took the test and alleluia! Two lines!

Then I've started reading about false positive pregnancy results since the second line wasn't as clear as the first one. Talk about Paranoia, I began to worry and doubt if there's really a life inside me. That's even with the assurance of our doctor that I'm really pregnant.

And then I had the ultrasound I've been waiting for... I saw and heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time... I was relieved. All of a sudden, all those worries and fears were immediately replaced by feelings of excitement and a feeling of hope - a new beginning of some sort. I'm going to be a mother!! =D