Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Way To Reward Myself With Luxury

Most of the time, I consider myself a smart shopper. Since becoming a wife and a mother, I've gotten more conscious of the price for every thing we buy - food, clothes, appliances, etc. In other words, I've become a cheapskate. I have to, no, I need to be one to accommodate our budget.
Although we splurge once in a while, oftentimes we make it a point to live within our means. Good thing I'm happy with what we have right now so I'm not affected when people post vacation pictures, recent purchases, and the likes in Facebook. It's funny, but I know some who actually have to borrow money for those vacations and latest gadgets. Who are they kidding? I don't get it really.
I'm not a hypocrite. I do wish we could go out sometimes and buy the latest gadgets and stuff. I'm just saying I'm not so impressed with people pretending to be "rich" or living a glamorous life when you know that they're not. I'd rather save first before booking that dream vacation or buying the latest model of Samsung and iPhone.
As a matter of fact, I'm actually saving for one of the things I wanted to buy before I got married. That is, my first designer bag. I could have bought myself one before but I choose to use my savings for my wedding. We have a "paluwagan" in the office wherein all of the members will get the money at the same time, in December. I'm been searching for the best first designer bag and I've shorten my list to LV or Prada.
One of my friends ask me why do I want to buy a designer bag. It seems impractical for her considering we both are moms and wives. I answered her back by comparing a designer bag with an iPhone 5s. For almost at the same price, which one has a higher reselling value? Then she laugh. I think she got me then.  
I've read somewhere that a handbag is not an investment piece if after buying one you survive on toast and water for the rest of the month. I certainly won't survive with water and toast for a day so I have to plan waaayyy a head of time before buying a designer bag. When I finally get my hands on one, I'll just consider it as a sweet reward for all the hard works I've done as a working mom.