Monday, April 16, 2012

Bye Bye Bambi

Bambi turned 12 years old last February. Somehow, I have this gut feeling that it'll be her last year on Earth. She was 84 years old in dog years. 

I wish I can say that she was just a dog but I can't, because she was not. For me, she was the perfect dog. A good listener, a lovable pet, a toy, and a fierce guard dog. She comforted me during the darkest period of my life.

I am just sorry that since my Quino was born 10 months ago, I spent little time with her. I know she understood since everytime I wasn't holding Quino, she'd known that it was the only time she can play with me.

My family felt Bambi's days were numbered since last week. She was just so weak. We know it's because of old age. Yesterday, when I went to her, she did not even wiggle her tail, that was how weak she was. I saw a drop or two of her tears, and it just broke my heart. I knew from then on that I have to let her go. So I thanked her and told her to rest peacefully. She'd been the best dog a human can have.

Last night, at 11:57, my brother texted me and said Bambi just died...

Bambi the Dog
02.04.2000 - 04.15.2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's App, Technobobo?

What is it with Apple-Mac gadgets that make people crazy? Even if it is more expensive than the usual laptops, cellphone, tablets, etc., people still prefer this product.  A friend said it's because Mac seldom gets infected with viruses common to other computer brands.  Another said it's the "prestige" that comes with owing such Mac gadgets. I only have an iPod Nano (first generation), which I beg my father to buy for me a week after its release. So, as you can see, it's quite old now.

I like to label myself as "techno-bobo" because I know just a few basic stuff about computers and technology.  Frankly, I'm not interested with it. Did I mention it also intimidates me? It's the technobobo in me. That's why, when my old Nokia 2730 (go ahead, google it) showed the wear and tear sign, my husband insisted that we replace it with an iPhone 4s.I got excited! Even though I didn't know about its feature, it became on top of my wish list last Valentines Day.

So the husband bought me a new cellphone on Valentine's Day, and we decided to upgrade my cellphone plan. And just like the iPod Nano, I liked the iPhone 4s!

One of the things I love about it, are the Apps or Application Software (again, google it). It makes a lot of things easy and fun. I have an ebook reader, period tracker, episode guide, and farmville which are some of my favorites. Would you believe that they also have an apps for cloth diaper and list of bags and shoes for every brand? For my baby, I have baby music and kids' songs while for the husband, games and lotto. Below are my top ten apps, aside from facebook and twitter:

instagram, period diary, ibook, episoder, flipboard
pinoy lotto, baby music, clothdiaper, farmville, temple run
Other honorable mentions are Sim Simi, Move the box, Bejewelled Bliz, which also makes waiting time, fun time.

Never in my blogging life did I dream of writing about electronic stuff. I'm giving myself a pat on the back just for creating this post. Maybe in the future when I'm confident enough to mention tech terms that sound like German to me, I may do some reviews on the latest gadgets and thingamajigs.