Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stressed-Out Working Mom

I love myself! In my own unique way, I know that I am beautiful. Part of that confidence is the fact that I always have clear skin. Sure, I had breakouts every now and then, but the as far as I can remember, three is the most number of pimples I had all at the same time. I am thankful for my genes and my daily routine.
Recently, I became more interested in beauty products and makeups since I do not want to look dull and old which I felt at some point after giving birth (post-partum depression?) I got a number of lipsticks and makeups in just a few months. I became obsessed with makeup and who frequently checked Sephora website for the hottest items and sales.
I had less time because of our schedule and I forgot about it for a while. Since my husband started getting morning shifts, I had a difficult time balancing being a mom, a wife, and an employee.  I am not complaining since I love spending time with my son. I am proud that my son learned a lot from me and not from other people (or worst, yaya!) I get to be a hands-on mom.
The only thing that bothered me is my face. Haha! I think being stressed out and tired affected my skin a lot. I developed acne! Yikes! It became evident on my forehead, cheeks, and chin. It doesn't help that my father keeps pointing out the "big pimples" and keep telling me to do sometime about it. As if I am not doing anything! My son also calls them  "moles" and would point and count every blemish on my face. That's a lot! I blamed my husband since I felt he don't help me enough in the house. Later on, I would feel guilty because he is actually doing as much as he can. I know he don't have a choice with his schedule and he urges me to stop doing everything by myself.  
picture from www.buyclearskincream.com
Eventually, I decided to stop thinking about these things. It really doesn't help. I don't stress too much now if our floor is not as shiny as it should be or if the throw pillows are not as neatly stacked on our couch. I am getting better now, I mean my face.  I also eat fruits and salads these days and refrain from eating chocolates. Healthy living muna. I still have four pimples to go (yeah I counted talaga!) but have a lot of pimple marks. Those dark spots that doesn't seem to go away. I'm planning to treat it chemically (diamond peel maybe?) next weekend to get a peace of mind. Hopefully it will clear up my skin and I'll feel confident and happy again.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Organize Freak

I'm back! Boy, did I miss blogging! I have a crappy internet connection at home so I'm testing the blogger apps I have on my iPhone. I like the idea of blogging on the go. I do enjoy facebook and instagram but blogger is still my favorite outlet. I may not be as articulate as I hope to be but nothing beats blogging as a way to express how you feel. That being said, I have been busy with my role as a working mom/wife. My baby is now a toddler. Some say it's the terrible twos, others terrific twos. But what I can say is that yes, it is a handful! Add to that, I need to make sure my family lives in a decent, neat, and functional house. 

The way I see it, I need to organize everything since our small family tends to get a lot of stuff. My husband and son are both messy while I'm a collector. Uhm, not a good combination. So you see, I have been frequent visitor of Ikea online and sm homeworld for the last few weeks. I also have this restless desire to visit Robinson Place Manila to check out Howard Storage. No matter how many storage boxes we buy, I end up needing more. I need boxes for Quino's toys (he gets more and more everyday), old clothes, towels, bedsheets, wedding gifts (we still don't get to use some of them). I'm also not satisfied with how we store our laundry stuff, DVDs, and (would you believe it) storage jars, etc. 

The pictures below are what I have in mind. If any of you saw some of these stuff, would you be kind enough to let me know? ;-)