Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beauty Box

I've heard about beauty samples from a few US-based blogs I previously read. I though the concept was beneficial for girls who doesn't want to risk buying full-sized products only to find out it doesn't suit them at all. I felt excited when I learned that the same concept is available in the Philippines. We have Saladbar, BDJ Box, Glamourbox, and Sample Room.
Of these, I tried Glamourbox and Sample Room. I'm not really a beauty junkie nor a beauty expert but I love receiving beauty products and makeups.  I can't experiment too much on different brands due to my sensitive skin but so far I'm loving the samples I've tested.
I do not know if I'll continue subscribing to these beauty boxes. The kuripot in me can't justify spending about Php500 for each box when I won't get to use some of the products. This is why I'm loving the concept of Sample Room (you only pay what you want) but paying Php100 for one sample product seems not that right and it's hard to get the in-demand samples. I guess I'll try them all before deciding if these beauty boxes are for me or just a waste of money.

Muffin Makin'

I've been a busy mom and a housewife these past few months. My son is now a very active toddler so I need to constantly keep him within my sight. As you know, I now work in the night shift and without a household helper. Although blogging is the last of my priorities, I still can't help but feel bad knowing that I have been neglecting my long time blog. Nevermind if I even have a follower who reads what I have to say. Anyway, to those who do, I'm back (atleast for this week) with a vengeance! :)
Eversince I got married, I wanted to cook and bake for my husband and future children. The problem is, I don't know how. When my husband and I started living on our own, I learned how to cook abodo, tinola, sinigang, and nilaga. It's not that complicated (per my husband) but I really felt like a wife! Now if I can only bake. Easy? Uhmm.. We don't have an oven. I wanted to buy one but husband doesn't want to due to limited space in our kitchen.
Thank God for group buying sites, I saw a Muffin and Cupcake maker offer at Deal Grocer. For Php999 only, I'll be able to make a 7 cupcakes/muffin within 7 minutes. So I clicked, bought, and paid for it without consulting my husband. Waited almost 3 weeks and it was delivered straight to our house.
I opened the box and thought it was too small. Kind of like a toy for kids. Still, for Php999, I guess it wasn't that bad. So I bought some baking ingredients, tried, and prayed to make atleast one edible muffin. And I did!! I was relieved that it was so easy to use this device. My husband actually liked it despite its small size (almost the same size as Kenny Rogers' muffins.) I posted the first 2 batches I made. These are banana and pistachio muffin by the way. I know it doesn't look that enticing but I was also happy when I learned that my husband had been telling some of our common friends that I make delicious muffins. Big smile! And that my friends, was how I spent the best damn Php999 ever!