Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beauty Box

I've heard about beauty samples from a few US-based blogs I previously read. I though the concept was beneficial for girls who doesn't want to risk buying full-sized products only to find out it doesn't suit them at all. I felt excited when I learned that the same concept is available in the Philippines. We have Saladbar, BDJ Box, Glamourbox, and Sample Room.
Of these, I tried Glamourbox and Sample Room. I'm not really a beauty junkie nor a beauty expert but I love receiving beauty products and makeups.  I can't experiment too much on different brands due to my sensitive skin but so far I'm loving the samples I've tested.
I do not know if I'll continue subscribing to these beauty boxes. The kuripot in me can't justify spending about Php500 for each box when I won't get to use some of the products. This is why I'm loving the concept of Sample Room (you only pay what you want) but paying Php100 for one sample product seems not that right and it's hard to get the in-demand samples. I guess I'll try them all before deciding if these beauty boxes are for me or just a waste of money.

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Rae said...

I got my december glamourbox and felt a little disappointed that I didn't get the benefit porefessional products that others got. Seems like they sent it to the more famous bloggers. but I can't be sure.