Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Glimpse

I've been dying to know the features of my baby eversince I got pregnant. Aside from a maternity photoshoot, one of the things I got to have is the 3D and 4D ultrasound. One of the most popular ultrasound center is at In My Womb and I was surprised to learn the cost of such service. It's a bit costly (all pregnancy related lab works are!) considering all the expenses we need at this third trimester but I was adamant to see my still unborn baby inside my womb.

So last April 17, my ever supportive husband and I went to the Mall of Asia to have an ultrasound. We decide to get the Pearl Package even if I really wanted to avail of their Ruby Package. Anyway, while waiting, what's a shopaholic soon-to-be-mom can do but to shop for baby stuff of course! We bought some newborn essentials like receiving blankets, tiesides, mittens, bonnets, bolster and pillows from SM department store as well as onesies from Baby Gap.

Anyway, after our wallets were almost drained from all those shopping, we had the ultrasound I've been wairing for. According to the fetal biometry, our baby is now in a cephalic presentation with good cardiac and somatic activity. However, we were'nt able to see his/her facial features since the baby is at his/her back. Hay... we'll just come back next time.

I've been talking to our baby for the next succeeding days to show his/her face to us for the next ultrasound and last April 20, we finally saw a glimpse of our little angel. We still didn't ask the sonologist to check the gender but my gut feeling is that we'll be having a boy (I don't mind having a girl either). It was so beautiful! I can't really describe what I felt during that time but I remember I kept looking at my husband who was smiling all the time. It was just so great! So unbelievable! I feel so blessed!

Now I only have to wait for less than 2 months, just less than 2 months and I'll be a mom!