Friday, May 18, 2012

Go, Go, Go! Buy Buy Buy!

One of my responsibilities as a wife is budgeting our finances, and I have been good at it. Being a natural stingy (kuripot), I can browse an online store or go malling half a day without buying anything. But lately, I can't help myself from doing the exact opposite. I'm blaming this for the love of my son. Hehehe! By the way, I seldom use my credit card anymore, I pay cash that's why I can hear the cry of despair from my wallet.

So what have I been buying? Like what I said, mostly for my son. Mustela products and cloth diapers. Since I have skin asthma, I am paranoid that my son inherited my sensitive skin. Therefore, I want to use the best hypoallergenic product available. My research points me to Mustela, which is freaking pricey! Arrgh!! As for the cloth diaper, I'm part of this facebook group called Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays, who uses cloth diaper for their babies. This group talks about cloth diapers and because of that, almost everyday, someone would host group buys (of cloth diapers, of course) from China or US websites. And that is the problem; I can't help myself from getting slots because I'm in love with Grovia and Bumgenius brands, which are only available in the US group buys (read: expensive). This group is very dangerous and addicting. Most mommies are in a constant state of panic buying. Hahaha!
it started with these two...

fresh from the laundry... some of my son's nappies

And what do I get to buy for myself? Nothing specific in particular. Just a few books, a few cosmetics from Mac and Nars, a couple of nail polish from Opi, and some stocks of my favorite stuff from VMV Hypoallergenic. Waah! My son's first birthday is coming pretty soon and I might have to serve pandesal with cheese and Zesto to his guests.