Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolution

I'm not really a fan of New Year's Resolution since most of it gets forgotten after the first few months. So why bother? Anyway, what makes it different for me this time is that I very willing and determined change for a better.

BE FUN. I'm too uptight. I've heard some people call me this. Am I? I don't really know. I think I'm not but if a few people would regard me as one, then, maybe I am.

SMILE. Last Christmas, a friend was reading out to our coworkers the things we need to do (and mustn't do) on new year's eve to have a better year ahead. One of the things to do is to smile. I told them that it'll be a challenge for me since I don't really smile a lot. Well, I now consider myself challenged! Hahaha!

BE BEAUTIFUL. Have you read about my previous blog entry? That is the reason for this. It includes splurging (not too much though) on high end makeup brands more and beauty products. Sometimes cheap isn't always better.

GET MORE MASSAGES. I always complain to my husband how my back hurts a lot from carrying our growing baby half of the day. And a tired body makes the wife grouchy. I'm hoping this should prevent unnecessary arguments.

CONTROL MY ANGER. My temper boils up so easily. I always say that I'm lucky to have a very understanding and patient husband. But I always feel guilty after throwing all my fist at him

THINK OF THE HUSBAND. Now that I'm a mom, I know I've been taking my husband for granted. I just can't help but put Quino at the center of my world. I know my husband understand that but still, I have this feeling that I've been neglecting some of his needs.

FAMILY FIRST. Most of our rest days now were spent at home doing nothing. Having a family day once or twice a week would help my husband and I, relieve our anxieties and stress from the whole week of work.

INVEST, INVEST. I've been attending talks and seminars on how to invest our money wisely but I haven't exactly started on investing. I'll make sure before the year ends, I'll be able to put part of our earning in mutual funds.

HEAR THE WORD. Of God, that is. We used to go to mass every Sunday but now that we have a baby, I admit that we haven't been exactly fulfilling our duties as a Catholic every Sunday.