Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yikes! Thirty!

I woke up and realized I'm thirty now. Wow, really? Coz, I feel like I'm still in my teens.

Oh well! Good thing, I'm happy with my life and I don't look my age anyway (that's according to new people I met). Since I wasn't able to file a leave for my birthday, on the day itself, we celebrated the typical style: lunch out, movies, shop, and visit my parent's home. My niccolo also gave me a present, my 2nd lomo camera: a diana mini! Yey! I couldn't be happier! Perfect timing for my post birthday trip to Batangas.

Due to a miscommunication between me and the reservations person, we almost didn't secure a spot in Acuatico Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. We finalize our booking on May 14 for an overnight accommodation to one of their Alta Vista rooms (hotel type for 6,300/night), which is the only available room left. I've been hearing great feedback from my office mate and other girltalkers so I decided that since our Coron trip was busted and Vivere Azure is expensive, we might as well try this place. Besides, I've also seen pictures from my sister in law's FB account from their trip last year and I must say, the infinity pool is quite impressive.

It took us 3 hours from Alabang to Batangas to reach the resort. We weren't lost. Thanks to the direction/map my friend, Steph, lend me. The first thing my niccolo did was to go to our room and sleep while I went and explore the resort on my own. Talk about vacation! The view from inside and outside the resort is nice! Perfect for a relaxing day. Looking at some of our pics, one may get confuse on where exactly does the pool ends and the where the beach begins.

The infinity pool was really great but the rooms were too small, I must say. Our bed was almost touching the front door, it is that small. I should have book them earlier, I should have gotten the Casa de Playa room which they said is for honeymooners/couples.

If I was a bit disappointed with the rooms, the food, on the other hand, were delicious! Pricey but really yummy! The husband of course ordered buffet meal and seems like he was floating in heaven, while I only ordered a la carte meals since I'm not really in buffet these days (read: on a diet).

My new camera was busy the whole trip, I think I used that it more fequently than my digicam. That's why I have limited pictures to share. In my opinion, I think Acuatico is really better during lean season. You'll have more privacy and you'll really feel relax. It just happen that my birthday falls during summer so people are really crowding various resorts and beaches in the Philippines. I can't get beautiful pictures of the pool since kids and their toys where everywhere. We enjoyed watching them play but we also want to swim! So I asked my husband to just wake up early in the morning to enjoy the swimming at the pool. We had to take advantage of the quiet time while most of the resort guests were sleeping.

Hay... Everything good must come to an end. Husband was insisting that we extend our stay but I didn't bring enough moolah with me so we had to go back the next day. It was a great choice, as what he said. Acuatico has captured my husband's heart!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was excited to vote yesterday since this will be the first automated elections in the Philippines. While in the office, I kept on checking Facebook on my mobile for my friends' reaction or just anything about the election. Their status worried me because I don't want to wait for 3 hours in the sun waiting for my turn to vote. So I was expecting the worst when I went home after lunch in Las Pinas to vote. I felt relieved when I was able to finish voting in less than 15 minutes!

It was a different story in Muntinlupa, where I accompanied my husband to vote as well. The people in charge were sooo disorganized! Although the queue is short, the volunteers, poll watchers, etc, didn't have a clue where the line begins or what's the next step. Anyway, he might have finished everything after more than 30 minutes. Still pretty fast compare to others' 3 hours.

Today, as I read newspapers and watch the news, I felt sooo disappointed. I didn't vote for Noynoy Aquino, but I guess I'm half expecting that he'll turn out to be number one. But Erap in the number two spot?! C'mon! A convicted plunderer? What is wrong with us Filipinos? Are my countrymen really that stupid? Or are they just blinded by Erap's charm. Oh well, atleast Noy Noy is winning.

**photo taken from yahoo news