Saturday, March 28, 2009

Behind The Name

Believe it or not, one of my requirements for entertaining a suitor is his surname. Call me shallow, I don't care but I'll be the one carrying his surname in the future. So if I'll have the option to choose, of course I'll choose something pleasing to the ears. It's for my children's future as well.

I've always loved my surname, Cuevas. It's Spanish for "caves." I'm thankful that I don't have a funny Filipino sounding surname like "Mangasim" , "Bagongahasa" or God forbid "Pecpec." No offense to people with those kind of last names but I've heard some stories that this greatly affects the psychological being of a person. (Hmmm, I should have done a case study of this topic when I was in college.)

When my cousin was getting married, I told her how lucky she is that she'll have a good surname (sounds rich too) and that I wish I'll marry a man with a good surname as well. Well, it's a relief that my fiance' have a good surname (although I think mine's still better sounding than his. Peace!) or I'll be force to use my maiden name.

See the reason why I was inspired to blog about this name game:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Dress

A wedding dress is not just a clothing that brides wear during a wedding ceremony, it is THE DRESS. Period. Well, at least for me.

When my relationship with Nico started getting serious, I found myself surfing for wedding gowns every now and then. When we finally talked about getting married, I opened my secret folder filed at yahoo briefcase and was surprised to see a looooooot. I had to delete everything since most of them looks something like a costume. Yuck.
Good thing that I know myself now and I have a very clear idea on how I would look for my wedding day. Finding a designer or a couturier for my dream gown took a lot of researching but not really that hard. I though I wanted to have my gown made a certain designer popular in a yahoo group but then I realized that I don't want to look like most of her brides.

Last February, when I finally had a wedding theme in mind, I set up an appointment with one of a designer based in Munlinlupa. The usual getting to know each other conversation and he made a sketch for my gown. An OMG moment for me. I loooove it! I can't even explain but it's so Ayen! I knew he's the one. It took me two weeks to book him since I want to make sure he also have positive feedbacks from past and present clients.

I wish I could show everyone my gown so you'll know what I'm gushing about. But I'm really saving it for my walk down the aisle. I would only allow few people to see it since I'm hoping for the surprise/wow factor on that day. You can send me a message, I'll see if I can show it to you. Hehehe.

Anyway, you may visit our wedding website for more information regarding our wedding. Its not complete yet but I'll try to update it every now and then. Feel free to sign our guestbook.