Saturday, March 28, 2009

Behind The Name

Believe it or not, one of my requirements for entertaining a suitor is his surname. Call me shallow, I don't care but I'll be the one carrying his surname in the future. So if I'll have the option to choose, of course I'll choose something pleasing to the ears. It's for my children's future as well.

I've always loved my surname, Cuevas. It's Spanish for "caves." I'm thankful that I don't have a funny Filipino sounding surname like "Mangasim" , "Bagongahasa" or God forbid "Pecpec." No offense to people with those kind of last names but I've heard some stories that this greatly affects the psychological being of a person. (Hmmm, I should have done a case study of this topic when I was in college.)

When my cousin was getting married, I told her how lucky she is that she'll have a good surname (sounds rich too) and that I wish I'll marry a man with a good surname as well. Well, it's a relief that my fiance' have a good surname (although I think mine's still better sounding than his. Peace!) or I'll be force to use my maiden name.

See the reason why I was inspired to blog about this name game:


mhei said...

Well, "pantaleon" sounds good for you??? nu-uh!! hahaha!!! But I agree with you. I don't want to have a not-so-nice sounding last name. I'm lucky with my married last name but VERY unfortunate with the person i am forced to spend the rest of my life with..hahahaha!!! Best wishes MRS PANTELEON!!! Ü

Ayen said...

gaga ka talaga mhei! hahaha! pabasa ko kaya to kay miguel? buti nalang di nagbabasa si nico ng blog ko dito. i know, mas maganda pa din surname ko sa kanya.

Mec said...

lolz...i was particular with my guys' surnames as well before :) mostly because I had my share of grief from my father's name and wanted an improvement :)

happy to be an arevalo! :D