Sunday, May 17, 2009

May Sixteen

I woke up smiling despite the big zit on my chin. I was looking forward to a nice day ahead.

He's suppose to pick me up at 9:00 am but decided to show up two hours and thirty minutes later.

Went to Blue Wave, had lunch at Gerry's since we're both hungry, when I was really craving for Bubba Gump's Shrimp Shack Pasta and Bucket of Trash (or something that sounds like it). I don't look so happy here...

We then started the long drive to Trinoma, which looks like Glorietta lang pala. I was thinking of checking out the shoes that I really liked at Solea. Guess what, it was available at the Rockwell branch only.
Lakad, lakad, tingin dito, lakad uli, bili doon, lakad, bili dito, lakad ulit. We decided to go home since we're dead tired. What to do if it's a looong drive home? Picture! Picture! Now I'm having fun!

Went to SM Sucat to buy a box of pizza to take home. Told the cashier I'll get it later so I followed Nico where he was buying some wifebeater to use for his company outing. After he's done, I got the pizza and demanded for my change. Apparently I was wearing my taray looks again so the cashier hesitantly gave me the 500+ change.

Yey! We just got home! As usual, the doggies were excited to see us. Happy to see my favorite obese dog, Bambi.

Nico went home, prepared my things for tomorrow, checked my money and whoa... I made a mistake. Poor cashier, I didn't know that I already have my change. Salary deduction. I'm so sorry miss. I guess you were intimidated by me.

And that's how I spent my birthday, the cheap way. Surprisingly an ordinary day but with my special someone.


M said...

Happy Birthday!

Ayen said...

Thanks! Pero sino ka?