Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Ayen!

Last May 16, I turned a year older, (of course) smarter and wiser!
I was actually very anxious and excited at the same time for over a month now, I don't know what to expect for my birthday. My niccolo was utterly quiet about how we'll spend my birthday. All I know is that it'll be at Tagaytay. I was also a bit nervous because Nico might plan something I don’t like or won’t enjoy.
So there it was… my birthday. I was waiting for him that afternoon. He entered our house with this paper bag (no flowers baby?) inside was my gift.
We finally drove to Tagaytay to spend the night alone. I opened my gift and found a new pink gameboy advance! Yehey! It was on my “things to buy” list because most of the time my cell phone will run out of batteries since I’m always playing mobile games. Besides, I want something to do other than surf the net and think about him. So it would keep me pre-occupied these days.
And thankfully, Nico was being himself as well because he doesn’t really have any concrete plans pala for my birthday. Buti nalang I already checked the hotel suggestions at my favorite forum, Girltalk, that’s why we were able to have a decent and affordable place to stay. That night, we were so tired (and I was busy playing Pokemon Emerald on my new Gameboy advance) so we decided to just retire early and continue our simple romantic (?) holiday the next day.
We woke up the next day feeling refreshed! We had our breakfast at Bag of Beans and it was sumptuous! We were soooo full! We went to Calleruega afterwards and have some picture taking sessions. It’s really a solemn place for a wedding ceremony but I want to wed at a church with loooong walkway. Being both matakaw, we had our lunch at Leslies, eventhough we were not that hungry. Feeling full and sleepy we went back to our hotel room to rest a couple of minutes and to fix our things.
It was such a simple celebration, not grand or anything, but I really enjoyed it. More than the Gameboy and all, the greatest gift I ever received is still my niccolo’s love and on that day, it made all the difference.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Summer Fun 2007

After weeks of anxiety and anticipation, MP’s summer outing finally pushed through! Whew! It’s a good thing my fickle-minded friends kept with the initial decision or Nico and I would have another problem with the reservations and everything. Mind you, that’s a first for our barkada! Hehehe!

Last April 28-29, as I’ve said, after weeks of planning we went to La playa resort in Lian, Batangas. It’s owned by a family friend of the Pantaleon’s. Well anyway, we meet at Lynette’s place and from there, we started our 4 hour trip (traffic was terrible as usual at SLEX) going Batangas and arrived at 11am.
Of course, all of us were tired sitting (pretty) for all of those hours so when we arrived, we ate, slept, and rushed to the pavilion to do our favorite past time, videoke! I actually pity Nico. Straight from evening shift, he drive 4 hours to Batangas only to be deprive of a previous sleep. My poor baby.
Once we regained or energy, we excitedly went to the beach. Syempre our outing won’t be complete without our legendary picture taking sessions. Here are some of our pictures, which are mostly in (trying-to-be) sexy poses:

Since Nico can’t sleep anymore, he and Kriz, prepared and cooked our dinner of inihaw na liempo and tilapia with some leftover adobo we had for lunch. After the swim, we bathe, had dinner and rest for a few hours. Then during the evening, we gathered in a small bonfire. We had the usual drinking/kwentuhan/eating session. Now that’s Nico’s favorite moment! But mine was during bedtime. Wholesome to ok?! It was because I slept beside my niccolo around his arms. I just loooove the feeling!

The next day, we went to the beach again to continue our picture taking (yes, bitin pa din kme) Again here are some pictures:

Nico and I didn’t have any pictures together because he was drunk the previous night so he spend the half the day sleeping. We had lunch afterwards and rest/sleep to prepare ourselves for another long journey going back home.
And long journey that was. From Batangas to Tagaytay it already took us 3 hours! So we have to stop over at Teriyaki boy in Tagaytay to have dinner. It took us an hour and of course since that was Tagaytay, we just can’t resist the urge to have our picture taking sessions again.

After 3 more hours, we finally reached home! I was so tired and sleepy because I still have work to do the next morning. Overall, it was a fun outing as usual, even without Algine, Deth & Melben and Tonee & Anthony, it was still another nice memory for me to treasure.