Tuesday, February 20, 2007

MP Anniversary

Last February 10, me and my barkada, MP, celebrated our 14th(?) anniversary. I'm not sure if it was really our 14th year because frankly, I lost count already. If somebody knows how long our friendship is, please let me know. Anyway, it was Deng's idea to have a dinner on that day even if the anniversary will really fall on February 11. She said we'll be celebrating 3 occasions, Lynette's birthday, Valentine's day, and of course our Anniversary. The call time is 6pm (Manila time) at Lynette's but as usual they're late again, we finally left Lynette's place at about 7:30pm and after long discussions, we decided to dine at Gilligan's, Ayala Town Center. I wasn't able to take picture of all the food we ordered, but it was a lot! I was full! During dinner, syempre we discussed about works, lovelife, etc. Lynette and Grace were the center of jokes again because of there present (non)lovelife status. There were a lot of picture takings and brainstorming for our summer outing, it was fun! Finally me and my Niccolo have to go home already since we still have wake up very early for work tomorrow. To tell you frankly, I was a bit pissed at them before we go because we stayed and wasted time outside the parking lot discussing nothing and planning nothing when we made it clear with all of them that we REALLY have to go home early. Anyway, other than that, it was fun. I cannot stay mad at them for long because they are my friends after all!

Anyway, here are my MP barkada together with their husbands/boyfriends:
First is Jenny together with her husband Kriz. They are the first in our barkada to get married (civil rites) and they are now blessed with two kids, Izen and Boe (my inaanak!) Next is Deng with husband Erik. She's the first one who got married in the church that's why we gave her wedding cake. (Just a brief background, we made an agreement that whoever it is who'll get married first in a church ceremony will have a wedding cake courtesy of the barkada.) They have a cute daughter, Ehna(also my inaanak!)Tonee with her husband, Anthony got married in Dubai but just had their renewal of vows here in the Philippines last January. They're expecting their first child sometimes in April (I think.) They weren't able to join us in the celebration of our anniversary because they're now in Australia (I think.)
(Note: picture is unavailable)

Deth and her husband Melvin are also expecting their first child next month. They got married last April of 2006.
And here are the single girls. First is Ginna with her long time boyfriend, Algine. They've been together for 7 years (am I right?) now and of course the next logical thing for them is to get married. When? I'm not sure yet. Next year?

Next is yours truly, Ayen with my Niccolo. Next month will be our 2nd anniversary (Hurray!) Wedding? Definitely not this and next year. We're still saving some moolahs, so I'll be updating you hopefully in the near future. ;)
Pia, Grace and Lynette are currently unattached right now but of course since all of us are gorgeous and smart, they'll find somebody soon! From what I know, Pia is constantly dating a guy but the status of their relationship is too vague to me to define yet. Grace just got out of a relationship with another Mr. J, so she's still healing a broken heart. And finally, Lynette. She's a member of SSB (single since birth) but mind you, it's her choice to be like that, she's very much career-minded and has no time for boys yet. That's why our mission to find a perfect guy for her.
You've just met MP girls with our growing family. Here's a toast to our 14 years of friendship!


February 14, Valentine's Day.

A dreaded and stressful day for just anybody, whether single or attached. For guys, you have to make reservations for the restaurants, buy flowers and chocolates. For girls, you have to go through all these beautification process for your man. Not only that, you also have to go through hours of traffic to reach your destination, when normally it would only take you an hour to get there.

These are some of the reasons why my niccolo and I wont celebrate Valentines on the said date, we agreed that we can celebrate it a day after, although to tell you honestly, im a bit hesitant because despite all those reasons I still want to experience those stressful things.
Ok, so when finally that day came, i felt excited in a way. I just felt that something will happen. Ok, I admit, I'm hoping my niccolo would send me flowers and chocolates. I've been dropping obvious hints that I wanted one.
Waiting... still waiting... patience is a virtue... waiting in vain... hay... finally at the end of the day, i gave up. No flowers and chocolates were delivered, just a simple text greeting.
I just have to admit to myself that my boyfriend is not too much of a romantic stuff. But I love him anyway!
Next day, Feb.15, i went to the office, my niccolo was late (as usual!) We had our pre-shift meeting, Nico joined a few minutes before we finished the briefing. We went back to our stations and lo and behold...

a can of belgian chocolate is on my table! I couldn't believe it! My niccolo have a few surprises out of his sleeves after all! I really though he didnt care. I felt guilty after all those things I thought of him. I feel like crying, Im such a jerk! I promise myself that I'm going to make up for that. I know he wasnt aware anyway, but I will really make up for it. He deserves to be rewarded with all the efforts he exerted.
Anyway, the chocolates? Oh I looove it!! I love chocolates! and I love much much more my niccolo!