Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not A Bagaholic

I've never been a bag person. Sure, I absolutely love shoes but with bags, I just make sure I have one in basic colors, black, white, and brown. Bags just doesn't excite me like what shoes do. Maybe because bags are more expensive than shoes. Hahaha!

For a number of weeks now, I've been obsessing on these bags
Cambridge Satchels and the Mulberry Alexa. I've been seeing these cuties on quite a number of fashion websites and magazines and I've been dying to get myself one. Good thing we have a local distributor for Cambridge Satchel in the country but it's just too bad it cost more than five grand depending on its size. For a cheapskate like me, I just can't get myself to spend that amount on a bag. How many packs of disposable diaper and infants milk would I be able to buy for Php5000? Yes, that's the practical mommy in me thinking!

I read on one blog (I forgot where exactly) that there is no copyright law in the fashion industry. So I'm confident I'll find a cheaper alternative (not fake) that would fit my taste and budget. And boy, did I find one! I just opened my multiply account and the first thing I saw was a post by Therapy BaSo I have to look for a cheaper alternative and boy, did I found one! gs that these Alexa and Cambridge satchels-like bags were open for preorder. And at freaking Php999 only! So I paid my deposit and after two agonizing weeks, I got mine! Yey!

So, Cambridge satchel - check! Alexa bag - hmmm... maybe not now. I'm planning on expanding my shoes collection. Like what I've said, I've not a bagaholic.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I Dream A Dream

An officemate once asked me, "Ano ba pangarap mo sa buhay?" Without battling an eyelid, I answered her "Just three things: to get married, to have a child of my own, and to live comfortably." It's that simple.

When I was a kid, I'd always dream of becoming a prima ballerina. During grade school and high school, I wanted to be a journalist. In college, I took up Psychology and wanted to be an HR Manager. I even took up graduate studies in Psychology to help me achieve this goal. Well, I had ballet lessons, I became a literary editor in our school paper, and I became an HR Personnel. I am that determined and persistent. If I want something, I'll make sure I'll get it. However, dreams do change.

Before I got married, I've realized that I don't want a career in the industry. There had been plenty of opportunities for a possible promotion, a career growth, but I declined, that's not what I want and it won't make me happy. If I'm in a management level, would I have time for my husband? Would it be easy for us to make a family? Heck, I don't want to risk any of it. That's why I'm perfectly happy working even as a rank and file employee. I work, go home on time, and get paid. I don't really want a big responsibility at work and I prefer a bigger responsibility at home - that is, becoming a wife and a mother.

When I gave birth to Quino, I finally became a mother. It's what I've always wanted. I don't think I can even put into words, the happiness I've felt upon the realization that I have everything I ever wanted - a loving husband and son. Sometimes it's tiring, they would also drive me crazy with both their demands but I like taking care of my two boys. My fulfillment in life - the essence of my womanhood.

My 60-day maternity leave is over and I'll be going back to work. I really want to quit my job and just take care of my baby boy but I also want to help my husband with the expenses, specially now that we'll be moving soon to our own place. So for now, I'll just have to wait for a while. One day, I'll be a Stay-at-Home-Mom who'll take care of my husband and kids fulltime, but not this time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Challenge Accepted!

Months before I gave birth, my parents and in laws already told my husband and I that they prefer to have the baptism of our baby within a month of birth. Stuff like the venue, food, number of guests, godparents, etc., were suggested but I just shrug it off. O don;t want to be dictated, It is, after all, our baby, so the decision will still depend on us and our budget. We wanted our baby's baptism after 3 months, that way, I'd be back at work and we'll have additional budget. But parents could be annoying sometimes so we gave in and agreed to have the baptism once our baby is more than a month.

I gave birth and took care of my newborn. Hospital bills, diaper, baby essentials, plus our usual bills and household expenses. Oh boy, I never though it was THAT costly! You see, I'm quite careful with our finances. I always make sure that we have enough savings in case of emergencies. On the other hand, I also discovered that I want to do and give the best of everything to my Quino. So even if I want to have a grand baptism for my baby boy, I agreed to have a simple reception at our house. And so the 2-week planning for "The Php20,000 Baptism Challenge" began.

I scouted for the most affordable caterer in the south and luckily I found one. The only downside is that it doesn't include styling so I had to research online and look for inspirations. With the help of one of my uber reliable friend we were able to come up with ideas for my baby boy's bear themed reception. Next to do is to look for a cake supplier, which was the hardest. Fondant cakes are expensive! And with less than 2 weeks, the allotted timeframe was just not enough. Good thing my tita is an instructor in a baking course (and she also adores my baby boy) so she agreed to do the fondant cake and cupcakes as souvenirs - not for free though but we only paid for the ingredients she used. Later on, I also learned that my in-laws will shoulder the lechon, my parents will provide additional sodas and beer, and that hubby's tita also volunteered to bring additional food. Whew! All these were accomplished within two weeks.

July 31, 2011 came and on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we welcomed our baby boy to the Christian community. Except for the worst baptism ceremony I've attended (the priest was so strict and I find him almost rude), the event came out better than I've expected. I'm so happy that my husband and guests liked the food choices I made. I was also one proud momma everytime I hear compliments regarding my Quino - that he's good looking and was well behaved the whole time. Add to that, we were able to beat "The Php20,000 Challenge" since we only spent approximately Php18,000 for everything.

caterer: Php13200 (Php220/60 pax including tax)
cake/cupcake souvenir: Php3000 (small cake with 60 pieces cupcakes)
decors: Php850 (centerpiece bears were borrowed from friends)
baptismal outfit: Php300
invitations: Php160 (Php8.00/20 pieces only since most were sent online)
ribbons/tags: Php145
church fee: Php450
TOTAL........ Php18105