Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010!

The year 2010 had been a roller coaster full of emotions for me: adjusting to married life, reality of a grownup, living away from my family, and the joy of pregnancy.

All I can say is Wow!
I have a few drafts of blog topics, experience, pictures that I'm dying to share. I'm hoping that I'll be able to blog more frequently next year.

Anyway, I'm now getting ready to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011!!!

Cheers Everyone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Trying Hard

I've been gone for too long. I missed blogging. I normally blog during the afternoons but too bad I've been having "afternoon sickness" due to my pregnancy. I'm not complaining by the way. My OB even said at least I should be thankful that I have these sickness and symptoms instead of having treatments due to infertility. She had a point. From then on, you can never hear any complains from me again.

Anyway, I'm already on my week 13 and I'm thankful I'm feeling a lot better. My only concern is I don't look pregnant! My tummy's still too small according to most people but I why do I feel it's already big? And does my baby gets enough nutrients from me?

I've posted my baby bump above, at 13 weeks. It's still acceptable to look at since I don't have (hopefully won't have) stretchmarks yet.

I think there's something wrong with the weighting scale. It says I gained just 2 lbs in 3 months but my tummy says otherwise. All of my jeans are way too tight that I've been wearing mostly leggings and garterized shorts/pants (no maternity clothes please). I want to shout to the whole world that I am pregnant without being too "vocal" about it but I always end up convincing them that I am. Hehehe.

My hubby told me not to try to hard to look like one because eventually everyone will notice. Well, I can't help it really... just too excited, I guess.

Enough of the shallowness once again. The most important thing to consider is not really what I would look like but how my baby develops. I just wish that despite how I weight during my pregnancy, my baby will be healthy. Thank God I don't like eating junk food and sweets anymor. But no matter what kind of eating I do, I still can't seem to grow big for my baby.

Hay... I'm hoping my next trimester would be better.