Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Work At Home Mom

For a long time, I wanted to spend more time with my son. Not just the quality but the quantity. Working for a BPO company, no matter how great he benefits are, just won't me the satisfaction I was looking for eversince I become a mom. I've contemplated long and hard; weighted the Pros and Cons; consulted people. In the end, I decided to resign from the company that provided for me and my family for 11 years. 

So what's the next option for me? A home-based job. I had second thoughts about this at first. I was worried that it won't be enough to help with the bills. Luckily for me, I was able to find a good home-based job a month after I resigned. All I needed was a good internet connection, a backup wifi, a laptop, and the skills I learned from working in a BPO company. It was a struggle at first because I have no one to physically assist me, I have to rely on good old google to find the information I need. After two months, I was breezing through it. Not only did it gave me the time to spend with my son, it also paid well, just like when I was working for a BPO company. My son was just happy that he can now sleep and wake up with me by his side and not with his grandparents. It was a priceless moment indeed.

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Not all home-based jobs are good, mind you. I heard of several pinoys who were scammed by their clients. Some jobs also have weird requirements like dressing sexily while on cam with her boss. Another job I found online was a chat support for dating sites so one must be witty enough to answer the "customers" when they ask you "personal" questions. Goodness, I'm not that desperate noh! 

For those moms who are also considering this path, don't be afraid. Despite the risks, it is so rewarding, I tell you. It may be a struggle at first just like any new beginnings, but once you get the hang of it, it's really fulfilling. More than everything, the guilt I would feel every time I leave my son to my parents or in laws' care is no longer there.

Second Pregnancy

After six years, I'm 36 weeks pregnant now and waiting patiently for my second baby to come out. We wanted to give our son a sibling for a few years now but for some reason, we just couldn't conceive. We decided to try until May of this year only as I'm scared of any complications that may arise due to my age (late 30s). We're very thankful that He finally blessed us with a new baby. Our firstborn, Quino, was just too excited to become a kuya, he immediately embraced this new responsibility.

Eventhough we're very excited with this pregnancy, I can't help but feel worried and scared. I don't know if I'll be able to love this baby as much as I love my firstborn. I mean am I capable to love two kids at the same time? I'm also scared that I'll prefer one child over the other and I just don't want any sibling rivalry among them. I'm also worried about time management. Since Quino is a special child, he'll need more time and attention from me but at the same time, a newborn will also eat most of my time. Specially since I'm very determined to breastfeed this baby this time around. My husband said I'm putting too much pressure on myself; and I'm thinking about unnecessary things that may not happen; and that it's preventing me from enjoying this pregnancy.  Maybe he's right, but I just can't help it. Being a mother is so much different from being a father. 

We also don't know the gender of our baby. Just like the first, we decided not to know it. I used to want another boy because I think they are just the sweetest to their moms, but now I really really want a baby girl. My gut says it'll be a girl but at the back of my mind, the ultrasound picture looks a lot like a boy. I know I'd feel guilty if I feel a disappointment once I give birth. If we'll have a girl, then that's the end of that problem. But what if it's a boy, can we afford a third child? And can I still cope with pregnancy at my age? Even if we can, there's no guarantee that we'll have a girl. Waaahh! This pregnancy hormones plus a lot of idle time are killing me!

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Friday, July 14, 2017

More Than One Year After....

Hello! I'm still alive! =) Too many thing happened in my life within this period. I started working from home since I stopped blogging (hence my looong absence); my baby boy is now a first grader; and I'm now 31 weeks pregnant with my second baby. 

My biggest challenge is how to manage my time working at home and taking care of my son and husband while managing our household (yes, I don't have a maid). I have so many stories to tell (work-at-home jobs, my son's communication disorder and his monthly therapy, struggling to get pregnant, to finally getting pregnant, etc) and I'm hoping to blog about all these things before I give birth to my second born. 

To Be Continued.... ;)