Sunday, January 28, 2007


One of my college friend, Jean and her bf Mike got married last December 28, 2006 in Lipa, Batangas. They have been going steady for a little over a year but despite that young relationship; maybe they already realized that they are meant for each other (no, she’s not pregnant!) And I can see that they are indeed compatible and complement each other. I’ve never seen Jean so happy eversince Mike came into her life. In our college yearbook, she was said to be the girl who have everything, but now I can truly say that she do have everything. =)

Not only Jean but my high school bestfriend, Tonee and her husband Anthony, renewed their wedding vows in Asia World, Paranaque last January 4. They already got married last year in Dubai but of course they wanted to share that special moment with their family and friends here in the Philippines. I was Tonee’s Maid of Honor and because she’s already 4 months pregnant, we don’t want her to trip so I have to assist her everytime she’d walk in that long wedding gown. Whew! It was hard pala! I thought I just have to stay there and sit pretty. Nagugulat nalang ako kse tatawagin ako bigla para i-assist si Tonee.

Nico’s friends, Jason and Ayiek also got hitched last December and January (I forgot the exact date) respectively but I wasn’t invited so I didn’t come. I’m not bitter or anything. I actually understand them, they have limited budget and guest so they only asked their closest families and friends to attend the wedding. Anyway, sa wedding namin, I won’t invite them too. I’m not bitter talaga! Promise! ;-) Hehehe!

All of these weddings made me realized that I’m getting old. Majority of our friends are already starting their own families. I’m not being hypocrite because of course I envy them! I also want to get married and have kids. Everytime I attend weddings, I always imagine myself walking down the aisle, with my husband to be waiting at the altar. Hay… it’s nice to dream noh? Ipon muna kame bago kasal. That’s why for now, I’m still enjoying my singlehood, my life with my Niccolo.