Saturday, December 29, 2012

Beauty Box

I've heard about beauty samples from a few US-based blogs I previously read. I though the concept was beneficial for girls who doesn't want to risk buying full-sized products only to find out it doesn't suit them at all. I felt excited when I learned that the same concept is available in the Philippines. We have Saladbar, BDJ Box, Glamourbox, and Sample Room.
Of these, I tried Glamourbox and Sample Room. I'm not really a beauty junkie nor a beauty expert but I love receiving beauty products and makeups.  I can't experiment too much on different brands due to my sensitive skin but so far I'm loving the samples I've tested.
I do not know if I'll continue subscribing to these beauty boxes. The kuripot in me can't justify spending about Php500 for each box when I won't get to use some of the products. This is why I'm loving the concept of Sample Room (you only pay what you want) but paying Php100 for one sample product seems not that right and it's hard to get the in-demand samples. I guess I'll try them all before deciding if these beauty boxes are for me or just a waste of money.

Muffin Makin'

I've been a busy mom and a housewife these past few months. My son is now a very active toddler so I need to constantly keep him within my sight. As you know, I now work in the night shift and without a household helper. Although blogging is the last of my priorities, I still can't help but feel bad knowing that I have been neglecting my long time blog. Nevermind if I even have a follower who reads what I have to say. Anyway, to those who do, I'm back (atleast for this week) with a vengeance! :)
Eversince I got married, I wanted to cook and bake for my husband and future children. The problem is, I don't know how. When my husband and I started living on our own, I learned how to cook abodo, tinola, sinigang, and nilaga. It's not that complicated (per my husband) but I really felt like a wife! Now if I can only bake. Easy? Uhmm.. We don't have an oven. I wanted to buy one but husband doesn't want to due to limited space in our kitchen.
Thank God for group buying sites, I saw a Muffin and Cupcake maker offer at Deal Grocer. For Php999 only, I'll be able to make a 7 cupcakes/muffin within 7 minutes. So I clicked, bought, and paid for it without consulting my husband. Waited almost 3 weeks and it was delivered straight to our house.
I opened the box and thought it was too small. Kind of like a toy for kids. Still, for Php999, I guess it wasn't that bad. So I bought some baking ingredients, tried, and prayed to make atleast one edible muffin. And I did!! I was relieved that it was so easy to use this device. My husband actually liked it despite its small size (almost the same size as Kenny Rogers' muffins.) I posted the first 2 batches I made. These are banana and pistachio muffin by the way. I know it doesn't look that enticing but I was also happy when I learned that my husband had been telling some of our common friends that I make delicious muffins. Big smile! And that my friends, was how I spent the best damn Php999 ever!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fifty Times The Worst Book

I read books a lot. I use to feel ashamed of telling people that reading books is my favorite hobby because I do not want people to think that I'm a nerdy, boring, serious type of a girl. Good thing I learned to accept myself just as I am. I'm also glad that I am a bookworm. I know which book is good and which one is bad.
Speaking of bad. One of the worst books I read is the much-hyped, Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Yep, I read those three. It is not because of the content because I learned a few tricks and tips here and there. Ahaha! I don't really know if the book depicted BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism) itself since I have never been interested or even curious about that topic.
The plot is ho-hum. This is the reason why I seldom read pure love stories. My mind don't get stimulated. The characters are bland as well. I don't know. but they are just not that interesting. How can I forget the lines? "Stop biting your lips!", "Good point well made, Miss Stelle/Mrs. Grey", "Oh My!" These are almost present in every chapter. Ughh!
This book is badly written. The author has a writing skill of a novice writer. It makes me feel like I can make my own book and publish it to the world.  I don't want to criticize someone of how bad he/she is in writing because I know I'm not in the position to do so. Just look at my blog? I write things as I would say it. But if you're going to publish your book to the world, wouldn't you think grammar is as important as the story?
This is just my opinion. I'm sorry to the book's fans. I don't understand why a lot of girls would consider this a great book when clearly, it's not. I just hope the movie version would be a lot better.  For those who haven't read the book, I have an e-book (epub) I can share. Just leave me your email addrsss. Read it (if you can bear it) and tell me what you think.

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Want A Boy

Now that I'm a mother of a 15-month boy, the most asked question I get is "When will you plan on baby number two?" Then, a follow up statement of "You should have a baby girl next time. Para quota na." Well, if I get pregnant again, I will not care if it's a boy or a girl. I'll just wish for a normal and healthy baby - that's all. And I'd probably stop at three if it's up to me.

BUT. IF I HAVE A CHOICE, I prefer another boy. Sure, it's really fun to dress up a baby girl and to buy all those pink and purple girly stuff, but in my experience, baby boys are a lot sweeter than girls. Baby boys have a different kind of charm than those of baby girls. Maybe it's also because of the law of attraction. Contrary on what other think, I am actually fond of kids, so I babysat a lot of my younger cousins and even a neighbor in my teens. Boys tend to kiss and hug much while girls tend to kiss and smile a lot. I guess I'm a hug kind of person, huh? Or maybe, I'm just used to a dominantly-male family?
Another reason why I may prefer a baby boy is that baby boys are easy to take care. Not too demanding since they want to do things on their own (aren't girls are like this as well?) You wouldn't have to fuss about an insect bite that may ruin your baby girl's skin in the future, a dark complexion, or a big nose that might make her feel insecure, and so on.

Also, since I looove shopping, how can I possibly resist all the cute baby stuff I've been seeing online and at the mall? It would be better for my wallet and bank account if I have another boy in the future. What will I do with all those blue baby stuff in our closet? =) I also can't think of a cute name for a baby girl. I wanted "Ivanna" before but since a close friend named her baby Yvanna, I couldn't think of a girl name that I really wanted. On the other hand, I have already 3 sets of boy names I want to give my future baby. I know. I am that dense sometimes. =P
I wouldn't have to think about this anytime soon anyway. My husband and I have talked about this already. While we are excited to add to our family, we feel we still have to take and cherish our time as we watch Quino grow up fast and learn new things. That's why, we hope that we'll get visited by the stork again in a year or two. Who knows anyway? Just thinking aloud. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Miss Blogging

It has been almost two months since my last blog entry. Blame it to my new working schedule (nightshift) combined with my very active toddler (quino is now 14 months), blogging just turned out to be the last in my priorities.
Now I'm back. I have a lot of things to blog about but don't know where to start. (Pause) (After ten minutes....) Let me just list down what happened in the last two months...
  • I stupidly slammed our kitchen door and caught my nails. Blood clot. Ouch! This started my fondness for Orly nail polishes
  • My ezcema has gotten worse. I am now using oatmeal soap and lotion all the time. Hmp! an addition to my growing skin care expenses
  • I discovered Paypal. Just now. =)
  • Remember habagat last month? yep, my house was also flooded
  • I booked a flight my family to Cebu at Cebu Pacific for a discounted price. But forgot my military time so I had to rebooked which was more expensive than the discounted price
  • I'm feeling envious of my pregant co workers. Do I really want to have another baby this soon?
  • Still obssessed with cloth diaper

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quino Turned Uno!

Two weeks had passed since my little boy turned 1. I badly want to create a blog entry but since Quino has learned to walk, but looking after him now takes a lot of my time. Add to that, I've been busy with my spanish class so the only thing I can put aside is my blog. Anyway, I'm back and I want to share my baby's first birthday.

June 17 was the day Quino turned one! Time flies os fast!I was looking forward to this day since like every mom, I want to celebrate every milestone in my son's life. We had a race car party at Max Restaurant for 60 people (plus less than 20 kids). This is just what we wanted - simple and intimate.

As usual, while planning this party, I had a lot of those "I want" moments. (Un)fortunately for me, my husband kept me grounded and would frequently point out what he feels like the essentials. So what's a mommy to do? Oh yes! DIY!! It started on our wedding and from then, I enjoyed planning and doing a few Do It Yourself projects. I regard myself now as a crafty momma. The picture below shows the box and tag I made. The scanned invitation, on the other hand, was our idea but the final output was enhanced by the layout artist who printed it for us. I wanted to do a lot of DIY decors that I painstakingly searched online but the husband insists on a budget for P35,000-P40,000 only. Oh well, simplicity is beauty anyway.

When the big day came, we went to the church and ask the priest to bless my baby boy on his birthday. The priest was so fond of Quino since he was smiling a lot and showed his tricks (beautiful eyes, pa-cute, bad small, flying kiss, etc.) I was also relaxed the whole time but still worried that no one will celebrate with us. Afterall, it was also Father's Day so I know the invited kids will celebrate it with their family. Good thing we are blessed with loving friends so the majority of the guests actually came but a couple of invited kids weren't able to join. Anyway, it was fun and surprisingly well organized. The host (provided by Max) seemed experienced enough and obviously handled a lot of parties already. I was also expecting to see the typical loot bags on a paper or plastic bag, but I was surprised again as the bag and the "loots" it selves don't look cheap. Not to mention, their party hats made of rubber material looked cute on kids. Having my son's first birthday here, turned out to be a great decision. I will definitely get them again for future kid's party.

Here's the breakdown our our expenses:

Max Restaurant (60 adults and 20 kids): Php30,000 (round off)
Quino's Attire: Racecar suit (Php1300) and Ferrari Poloshirt (Php250): Php1450
Invitation 25 pieces: Php650
Standee (gift from an officemate) : Php0.00
Giveaways: Ferrari Keychain (Php1400 at 40 pcs) and Foldable Fan (Php210 at 30 pcs): P1610
Box materials: Php345
Lootbags: Sweets and Notepads: Php525
Cake by Sid's Party Favor: Php2600 ===========================================================
TOTAL........... P37,180

So you see, I did stayed within our budget. It was actually less! I don't have anything bad to say about Max Restaurant except that the party started 30 minutes late, other than it is okay. My only regret as usual is my lack of preparation and convincing powers to hubby. I should have insisted on getting a photographer. I had a few names in mind already. My husband is into Photography, but I forbid him to be our official photographer. He said he asked his brother instead to be our photographer. I agreed because he's also into Photography too. The only problem was, he was late. Perhaps he forgot about his role or possibly my husband did not clarify it to him. Nevertheless, I am sure glad DSLR and handy digicams were all over the place. I get to grab pictures in FB from friends. As for the decorations, it was simple but I really want to have an elaborate setup. My son enjoyed the balloons hanging over the place as well as the lights, so it was okay, I guess that will count for something.

Hmm... next time. I'll make sure that my son's next birthday party (planning one his 3rd birthday) will be grand. After all, he'll be able to remember it.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Go, Go, Go! Buy Buy Buy!

One of my responsibilities as a wife is budgeting our finances, and I have been good at it. Being a natural stingy (kuripot), I can browse an online store or go malling half a day without buying anything. But lately, I can't help myself from doing the exact opposite. I'm blaming this for the love of my son. Hehehe! By the way, I seldom use my credit card anymore, I pay cash that's why I can hear the cry of despair from my wallet.

So what have I been buying? Like what I said, mostly for my son. Mustela products and cloth diapers. Since I have skin asthma, I am paranoid that my son inherited my sensitive skin. Therefore, I want to use the best hypoallergenic product available. My research points me to Mustela, which is freaking pricey! Arrgh!! As for the cloth diaper, I'm part of this facebook group called Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays, who uses cloth diaper for their babies. This group talks about cloth diapers and because of that, almost everyday, someone would host group buys (of cloth diapers, of course) from China or US websites. And that is the problem; I can't help myself from getting slots because I'm in love with Grovia and Bumgenius brands, which are only available in the US group buys (read: expensive). This group is very dangerous and addicting. Most mommies are in a constant state of panic buying. Hahaha!
it started with these two...

fresh from the laundry... some of my son's nappies

And what do I get to buy for myself? Nothing specific in particular. Just a few books, a few cosmetics from Mac and Nars, a couple of nail polish from Opi, and some stocks of my favorite stuff from VMV Hypoallergenic. Waah! My son's first birthday is coming pretty soon and I might have to serve pandesal with cheese and Zesto to his guests.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bye Bye Bambi

Bambi turned 12 years old last February. Somehow, I have this gut feeling that it'll be her last year on Earth. She was 84 years old in dog years. 

I wish I can say that she was just a dog but I can't, because she was not. For me, she was the perfect dog. A good listener, a lovable pet, a toy, and a fierce guard dog. She comforted me during the darkest period of my life.

I am just sorry that since my Quino was born 10 months ago, I spent little time with her. I know she understood since everytime I wasn't holding Quino, she'd known that it was the only time she can play with me.

My family felt Bambi's days were numbered since last week. She was just so weak. We know it's because of old age. Yesterday, when I went to her, she did not even wiggle her tail, that was how weak she was. I saw a drop or two of her tears, and it just broke my heart. I knew from then on that I have to let her go. So I thanked her and told her to rest peacefully. She'd been the best dog a human can have.

Last night, at 11:57, my brother texted me and said Bambi just died...

Bambi the Dog
02.04.2000 - 04.15.2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's App, Technobobo?

What is it with Apple-Mac gadgets that make people crazy? Even if it is more expensive than the usual laptops, cellphone, tablets, etc., people still prefer this product.  A friend said it's because Mac seldom gets infected with viruses common to other computer brands.  Another said it's the "prestige" that comes with owing such Mac gadgets. I only have an iPod Nano (first generation), which I beg my father to buy for me a week after its release. So, as you can see, it's quite old now.

I like to label myself as "techno-bobo" because I know just a few basic stuff about computers and technology.  Frankly, I'm not interested with it. Did I mention it also intimidates me? It's the technobobo in me. That's why, when my old Nokia 2730 (go ahead, google it) showed the wear and tear sign, my husband insisted that we replace it with an iPhone 4s.I got excited! Even though I didn't know about its feature, it became on top of my wish list last Valentines Day.

So the husband bought me a new cellphone on Valentine's Day, and we decided to upgrade my cellphone plan. And just like the iPod Nano, I liked the iPhone 4s!

One of the things I love about it, are the Apps or Application Software (again, google it). It makes a lot of things easy and fun. I have an ebook reader, period tracker, episode guide, and farmville which are some of my favorites. Would you believe that they also have an apps for cloth diaper and list of bags and shoes for every brand? For my baby, I have baby music and kids' songs while for the husband, games and lotto. Below are my top ten apps, aside from facebook and twitter:

instagram, period diary, ibook, episoder, flipboard
pinoy lotto, baby music, clothdiaper, farmville, temple run
Other honorable mentions are Sim Simi, Move the box, Bejewelled Bliz, which also makes waiting time, fun time.

Never in my blogging life did I dream of writing about electronic stuff. I'm giving myself a pat on the back just for creating this post. Maybe in the future when I'm confident enough to mention tech terms that sound like German to me, I may do some reviews on the latest gadgets and thingamajigs.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Young Adult at Thirty

I'm in my thirties. At this age, I still love reading young adult books. Other people my age would rather read more serious materials, but not me. I also hate pure love stories. Ugh! Some people laugh at me when I say that I choose to read books about vampires, mythology, witchcraft, faeries, and aliens. Why not? They're more fun and interesting.  It makes me forget about war, corruption, impeachment, politics that are just everywhere. Sort of my escape from the reality - the reality of paying bills, household chores, stress from work among others.

While some choose to embrace maturity and adulthood, I don't. Although I know my responsibilities as a wife and mother, I refuse to grow old. Just like Peter Pan, I make sure I nourish the child in me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not that shallow. I read newspapers and also watch the local news when I have time so I'm pretty much aware of what's going on (more or less) with the world. I guess, what I'm trying to say is that reading books like The Twilight series (lovestory to ah!), Heroes of Olympus series, and Hunger Games series, makes me feel young and happy. Even if for some it makes them feel otherwise.

Speaking of Hunger Games, I just can't wait to see the movie! I'm a big fan of the book. I've read this book three times already for the last two weeks and I still want to read more! I have this book on my iphone so I get to read it anywhere and anytime I want. Two more days and I'm off to see Penam in the big screen.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Partea Planning

It's my 100th post in my 6 years of blogging! I know, considering it's my 6th year, 100 post is a small number. This is why I hope I'll be able to blog for more than twice a month. So here it goes...

I don't drink coffee so I really prefer tea than coffee. Thus, the reason I got curious with milk tea stalls that are popping around major malls these days. Since I've always been a sucker at trying (atleast most of) the latest craze in town, I found myself patiently waiting, despite the long queue, to get myself one while playing Temple Run. Well, I finally got myself the hyped pearl milk tea and I remember myself thinking... "this could be the beginning of a newfound addiction."

So now, whenever I go to the mall, I make it a point to help myself with a cup milk tea (0% sugar please!) I'm not really sure if there's a certain health benefit since its still tea (right?) but I really really like it. There were even times when I would buy 3 large sized milk tea so I can enjoy one at the comfort of our home.

You know what I usually do while drinking milk tea? As always, surfing the net. Haha! I've just realized that my son will be turning 9 months in a week or two. That means, his first birthday will be coming up soon! I'm not really sure if I want to throw him a big birthday party since he wouldn't understand what's that for anyway. But the idea of organizing and planning a party just makes me so excited and giddy! Specially after the success of my baby's two-week planned baptism, I think I want to challenge myself again.

I initially wanted a Nautical themed party but later decided to have a Racing Car themed party instead. I think it's easier to find a venue fit for a racing car than nautical. But I'll save the first theme for his third birthday party. The peg below is what I have in mind.

I sure hope all this planning will lead to something good. One thing's definite, Quino will have a birthday party on June 17. I'm just weighing the pros and cons if we'll throw a big one versus a small intimate party. So until then, I'll just enjoy drinking my milk tea while gathering ideas for my baby's first birthday party. =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Going Gaga Over VMV

This is not a review. I guess you can say I'm just a fan raving about my new favorite skin care brand, VMV Hypoallergenics.

This is actually not the first time I tried their product. I was able to get myself a pressed powder before and mind you, it was not that expensive.

Anyway, I've been a long time user of Ponds, Olay, and Garnier products. I have a sensitive skin but I never had any major breakout with these. So why change? As they say, why fix something if it's not broken - or something to that effect. Fast forward to motherhood stage, I felt ugly and old. It's either I try other skin care or start using makeup again to get that boost. I've been frequently checking the web for an effective products that won't irritate my skin. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon VMV Hypoallergenics!

I initially got the Armada lip balm and I looove it! 2 days after using it, my lips became so soft - no more dry lips! I thought, if my lips could be this soft, could it also improve my dull and dry skin? So I got myself another product, illuminants and skin saving soap. Everyweek, I would get myself a new product to try and everyweek I also notice my weekly allowance thining out. Yes, it is a bit pricey, comparable to imported brands. And yes again, it's a local brand! Wicked isn't?

The illuminants line and Superskin care are now part of my beauty staple. My friends also noticed a significant improvement and have gotten curious with VMV. I'll let them try it themselves. I don't limit my love for VMV Hypoallergenics to myself because I've just started using their mom and baby line (Grandma Minnie's) for my baby boy and so far so good. Next in line is the Armada Line. If I can only stretch my weekly allowance... ;P

Photo courtesy of

Friday, February 10, 2012

To Husband With Love

Valentines day is fast approaching. We don't usually celebrate but it's still one of the perfect opportunity to ask for gifts. To save you the trouble, I'm listing some of the numerous things I want for myself. Yes, I'm talking to you, dear husband. Oh, and I have a separate list for my birthday wish. =)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's Resolution

I'm not really a fan of New Year's Resolution since most of it gets forgotten after the first few months. So why bother? Anyway, what makes it different for me this time is that I very willing and determined change for a better.

BE FUN. I'm too uptight. I've heard some people call me this. Am I? I don't really know. I think I'm not but if a few people would regard me as one, then, maybe I am.

SMILE. Last Christmas, a friend was reading out to our coworkers the things we need to do (and mustn't do) on new year's eve to have a better year ahead. One of the things to do is to smile. I told them that it'll be a challenge for me since I don't really smile a lot. Well, I now consider myself challenged! Hahaha!

BE BEAUTIFUL. Have you read about my previous blog entry? That is the reason for this. It includes splurging (not too much though) on high end makeup brands more and beauty products. Sometimes cheap isn't always better.

GET MORE MASSAGES. I always complain to my husband how my back hurts a lot from carrying our growing baby half of the day. And a tired body makes the wife grouchy. I'm hoping this should prevent unnecessary arguments.

CONTROL MY ANGER. My temper boils up so easily. I always say that I'm lucky to have a very understanding and patient husband. But I always feel guilty after throwing all my fist at him

THINK OF THE HUSBAND. Now that I'm a mom, I know I've been taking my husband for granted. I just can't help but put Quino at the center of my world. I know my husband understand that but still, I have this feeling that I've been neglecting some of his needs.

FAMILY FIRST. Most of our rest days now were spent at home doing nothing. Having a family day once or twice a week would help my husband and I, relieve our anxieties and stress from the whole week of work.

INVEST, INVEST. I've been attending talks and seminars on how to invest our money wisely but I haven't exactly started on investing. I'll make sure before the year ends, I'll be able to put part of our earning in mutual funds.

HEAR THE WORD. Of God, that is. We used to go to mass every Sunday but now that we have a baby, I admit that we haven't been exactly fulfilling our duties as a Catholic every Sunday.