Friday, March 9, 2012

Partea Planning

It's my 100th post in my 6 years of blogging! I know, considering it's my 6th year, 100 post is a small number. This is why I hope I'll be able to blog for more than twice a month. So here it goes...

I don't drink coffee so I really prefer tea than coffee. Thus, the reason I got curious with milk tea stalls that are popping around major malls these days. Since I've always been a sucker at trying (atleast most of) the latest craze in town, I found myself patiently waiting, despite the long queue, to get myself one while playing Temple Run. Well, I finally got myself the hyped pearl milk tea and I remember myself thinking... "this could be the beginning of a newfound addiction."

So now, whenever I go to the mall, I make it a point to help myself with a cup milk tea (0% sugar please!) I'm not really sure if there's a certain health benefit since its still tea (right?) but I really really like it. There were even times when I would buy 3 large sized milk tea so I can enjoy one at the comfort of our home.

You know what I usually do while drinking milk tea? As always, surfing the net. Haha! I've just realized that my son will be turning 9 months in a week or two. That means, his first birthday will be coming up soon! I'm not really sure if I want to throw him a big birthday party since he wouldn't understand what's that for anyway. But the idea of organizing and planning a party just makes me so excited and giddy! Specially after the success of my baby's two-week planned baptism, I think I want to challenge myself again.

I initially wanted a Nautical themed party but later decided to have a Racing Car themed party instead. I think it's easier to find a venue fit for a racing car than nautical. But I'll save the first theme for his third birthday party. The peg below is what I have in mind.

I sure hope all this planning will lead to something good. One thing's definite, Quino will have a birthday party on June 17. I'm just weighing the pros and cons if we'll throw a big one versus a small intimate party. So until then, I'll just enjoy drinking my milk tea while gathering ideas for my baby's first birthday party. =)


Pink MagaLine said...

Six years of blogging? WOW! Congrats to your 100th post! :))

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I always wondered about that tea stuff looks interesting! I will have to try it. Congrats on 6 years of blogging! xoxo

Jhan said...

oh son is turning 1 as well on june...2 weeks ahead lang si baby quino mo...for now, husband and I are settled on throwing him a simple birthday party at Jollibee.

But I must admit, I'm starting to check cakes for him...and party things and accessories...


I hope I can stop myself in getting all those add ons for the party.

Nonetheless, enjoy your planning! ;)