Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello 2008!

Its 2008! Its time to start listing those goals, plans, and (never-ending and always broken ) new years resolution! As for me, my main goal this year is to save save save (for our 2009 wedding and my first Louis Vuitton bag by the end of the year). My kuripot and friends and boyfriend would insist that I just buy a fake LV bag. A big NO! I want to buy myself an expensive bag before I get married. I can buy one right right but I want to make sure first that I have enough before I splurge on this bag.

Don't you just love them? Sigh!

Anyway, I bought myself a Belle de Jour planner for this year just like in 2007. I find the Starbucks planner so simple and expensive (besides I'm not a coffee drinker) and I even like the Jollibee planner better not because of the design but because of the coupons ( I'm a sucker for discounts/free stuff)

So well, I promise myself I wont make a list but my new year's resolution are:

  • Save! Save! Save!

  • Read more books

  • Start wearing girly clothes

  • Wear heels

  • Less junk food

  • Do more sit ups to achieve a 24 inch waistline

I can't think of anything else now. I want something easy to do so I wouldn't have to break it.

One last hurray for 2007!

MP had our Christmas/New Year's party at Lynette's place with our husbands/bf and children. It was just a typical get together for the girls. We updated each other on what's happening with our lives while the boys drown themselves with the good old san miguel. Of course it wouldn't be complete without our favorite bonding moment, Picture taking!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year again MP family!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

After a crazy and busy Christmas holiday, I was finally able to go online since I don't have any money left (I spent my restdays at the mall buying gifts for my love ones, friends, and myself!) I can't complain since I got almost everything on my Chistmas wishlist. So to all of you, here's a....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

CVG-Alabang Christmas Party

A Rockstar Christmas Party. That was the theme of our company Christmas Part last December 17 at The Palms in Filinvest, Alabang. It was ok, Sandwhich permormed but what I really enjoyed the most was spending that night with my former team, 91M10. Our former TL, Rej, won as the female star of the night (or something to that matter) and mommy Jo almost won an Acer 14 inch laptop had she stayed til the end of the party. Tsk Tsk tsk! My teammate at Cyber won it intead.

You guys rock!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Icky and Pia's Wedding

Last November 24, my good friend Pia, married her boyfriend Icky at St. Joseph's Parish Las Pinas. We were all surprised when they announced that they're getting married. After all, they were only dating for a couple of months. That was my first reaction, surprise. After that, I felt envious. Syempre naunahan pa nya ako eh! Hahaha! She's supposed to be one of my future bridesmaid but the roles were reversed. Hmp! Anyway, even if she got hitched earlier, I still love her and Icky and we wish they'll continue to grow in love together! Best Wishes guys and Congrats!!

I would love to post pictures of the newly wed but I didnt have the time to take pictures then. Just came from my shift so I was sooooo tired and lazy to do so. So I'll just post our pictures instead.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Haberday Nico Part 2

This is the second part of my niccolo's birthday celebration. We originally plan to spend time at Laguna but guess where we ended up again? Tagaytay! It was the whole day and we were so tired from the previous shift so we just stayed in our room, lazily cuddling each other while watching tv. A waste of time huh? Yeah, I guess a bit but it was sooo damn fine. As long as I'm with my niccolo I couldn't care less.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Haberday Nico! Part 1

Yesterday, November 15 was my baby's birthday. I couldn't take a VL because there were no slots anymore (damn you SLTs! hehehe) but I don't want to use my SLs as well. Sayang kase eh. That's why my niccolo and I decided to spend that day by watching a movie and dining out. I know it’s a typical celebration for a special day. But this is only the first part. I wouldn’t pass on a special occasion such as this not to spend a good quality time with my niccolo.

So first went to Greenbelt and ate at my favorite, Bubba Gump. We ordered Shrimp Shack Pasta (P390) and Steak and Shrimp Combo (P685) and of course the usual soup and drinks. Yummy! The picture doesn’t give justice but its so good. I wasn't fond of eating shrimps before but when I tasted Bubba Gump's, it became my favorite. I'll be back pretty soon!

After a scrumptious meal, we strolled around Glorietta. It's not surprising how the recent "bomb blast" (later identified as a gas explosion) would make people chose to stay at home. Ang konti ng tao dun. Nakakapanibago from the usual crowded people we usually see everyday. I guess people are really scared. At times like this, who wouldn't be?

Anyway, we headed back to Greenbelt to watch the movie, Beowolf. I love epic movies! Originally, it’s an Anglo-Saxon poem about a warrior named Beowulf, who fought and defeated the monster Grendel who is terrorizing towns, and later, Grendel's mother, who begins killing out of revenge. I was a bit disappointed that they changed the story about Grendel's mother. Overall, I find the movie just OK. But my niccolo was soooooo disappointed that he can't stop ranting about it. I guess he's expecting too much. oh well, we have a lot of other movies to watch.

After watching the movie, the real action begun. But I won't tell you anything about it. Hehehe. Happy Birthday my niccolo! I love you so much baby!

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Current Obsession

Skulls. Anything with skulls on it. But preferably those with pink skulls. Ang cute diba? It gives you the rebel/rocker attitude while still keeping the sweet lady-like charm. Yep! These are my current obsession. Wierd noh? I think it started when a very insecure former teammate of mine commented that I looked like a skull (you have to understand her since she's still fat despite how many exercises and diets she have had). It was sooo funny so I decided to buy an earrings with a skull enbossed on it. To remind myself on how people can be so stupidly funny specially if they're insecure. So ayun, that's when I began collecting stuff with skulls and bones. Buti nalang din because of the recent success of the movie "Pirates of the Carribean", collecting these wierd things became so easy. And I've also read somewhere that the whole fad of skulls and bones came from the scarves collection of
Alexander McQueen
I'm new with this collection so syempre konti palang mga gamit ko so if you my friends have seen things with skulls and bones, tell me ha! So I can add that to my stuff.


First one in my collection. My friend, Red, saw this earrings at an kiosk besides Jollibee in ATC. Bought it at P40
Saw this at SM Sucat Dept store. P99 each but with a 50%.
Bought it at SM too. P80
I saw this on I really love this shoes!
Another one from
This one rocks! Liquor Brand from Pink Skull lounge wear from

This is also from

Pink skull print holdall from Dorothy Perkins (I wonder if we have this here in the Philippines...)
This would look good in my room. Pink skull bedsheet from
Converse Low Pink Skulls ( Is this also available here?) Cute tee-shirt from

Pink skulls and bones designer-like watch

Skull print comfy flats, also from
This is soo cute! Saw this at

Next week, I'll be at Greenhills and you can expect me to look out for similar items. Better yet, if you saw something pink with skulls and bones on it, please let me know, alright?!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

On Being Twenty Something

Everytime I turn a year older, I always start to question things. What's my purpose in life, what have I accomplished, what I have become. It could because I going through a period of life called "quarter life crisis." I'm sure nothing's wrong with me, just going through a stage. I don't know (or I forgot) where I first saw this article but I liked it and it captured my sentiments. Whoever the author is, Dude, thanks for sharing it with us twenty somethings.

On Being Twenty Something

They call it the "Quarter-life Crisis."
It is when you stop going along with the crowd
and start realizingthat there are many things
about yourself that you didn't know and may not like.
You start feeling insecure and wonder
where you will be in a year or two,
but then get scared because you barely know
where you are now.
You start realizing that people are selfish
and that, maybe, those friends that you thought
you were so close to aren't exactly the greatest
people you have ever met, and the people
you have lost touch with aresome of the most
important ones.
What you don't recognize is that
they are realizing that too,
and aren't really cold, catty, mean or insincere,
but that they are as confused as you.
You look at your job... and it is not even close
to what you thought you would be doing,
or maybe you arelooking for a job and realizing that you
are going to have to start at the bottom
and that scares you.
Your opinions have gotten stronger.
You see what others are doing and find yourself
judging more than usual because suddenly you realize
that you have certain boundaries in your life and are
constantly adding things to your list of what is acceptable
and what isn't.
One minute, you are insecure and then the next, secure.
You laugh and cry with the greatest force of yourlife.
You feel alone and scared and confused.
Suddenly, change is the enemy
and you try and cling onto the past with dear life,
but soon realize that the past is drifting further
and further away, and there is nothing to do
but stay where you are or move forward.
You get your heart broken and wonder how someone
you loved could do such damage to you.
Or you lie in bed and wonder why you can't
meet anyone decent enough
that you want to get to know better.
Or maybe you love someone but love someone else too
and cannot figure out why you are doing this
because you know that you aren't a bad person.
One night stands and random hookups start to look cheap.
Getting wasted and acting like an idiot
starts to look pathetic.
You go through the same emotions
and questions over and over, and talk with your friends
about the same topics because you cannot seem
to make a decision.
You worry about loans, money, the future
and making a life for yourself...
and while winning the race wouldbe great,
right now you'd just like to be a contender!
What you may not realize is that everyone reading this
relates to it.
We are in our best of times and our worst of times,
trying as hard as we can to figure this whole thing out.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Ayen!

Last May 16, I turned a year older, (of course) smarter and wiser!
I was actually very anxious and excited at the same time for over a month now, I don't know what to expect for my birthday. My niccolo was utterly quiet about how we'll spend my birthday. All I know is that it'll be at Tagaytay. I was also a bit nervous because Nico might plan something I don’t like or won’t enjoy.
So there it was… my birthday. I was waiting for him that afternoon. He entered our house with this paper bag (no flowers baby?) inside was my gift.
We finally drove to Tagaytay to spend the night alone. I opened my gift and found a new pink gameboy advance! Yehey! It was on my “things to buy” list because most of the time my cell phone will run out of batteries since I’m always playing mobile games. Besides, I want something to do other than surf the net and think about him. So it would keep me pre-occupied these days.
And thankfully, Nico was being himself as well because he doesn’t really have any concrete plans pala for my birthday. Buti nalang I already checked the hotel suggestions at my favorite forum, Girltalk, that’s why we were able to have a decent and affordable place to stay. That night, we were so tired (and I was busy playing Pokemon Emerald on my new Gameboy advance) so we decided to just retire early and continue our simple romantic (?) holiday the next day.
We woke up the next day feeling refreshed! We had our breakfast at Bag of Beans and it was sumptuous! We were soooo full! We went to Calleruega afterwards and have some picture taking sessions. It’s really a solemn place for a wedding ceremony but I want to wed at a church with loooong walkway. Being both matakaw, we had our lunch at Leslies, eventhough we were not that hungry. Feeling full and sleepy we went back to our hotel room to rest a couple of minutes and to fix our things.
It was such a simple celebration, not grand or anything, but I really enjoyed it. More than the Gameboy and all, the greatest gift I ever received is still my niccolo’s love and on that day, it made all the difference.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Summer Fun 2007

After weeks of anxiety and anticipation, MP’s summer outing finally pushed through! Whew! It’s a good thing my fickle-minded friends kept with the initial decision or Nico and I would have another problem with the reservations and everything. Mind you, that’s a first for our barkada! Hehehe!

Last April 28-29, as I’ve said, after weeks of planning we went to La playa resort in Lian, Batangas. It’s owned by a family friend of the Pantaleon’s. Well anyway, we meet at Lynette’s place and from there, we started our 4 hour trip (traffic was terrible as usual at SLEX) going Batangas and arrived at 11am.
Of course, all of us were tired sitting (pretty) for all of those hours so when we arrived, we ate, slept, and rushed to the pavilion to do our favorite past time, videoke! I actually pity Nico. Straight from evening shift, he drive 4 hours to Batangas only to be deprive of a previous sleep. My poor baby.
Once we regained or energy, we excitedly went to the beach. Syempre our outing won’t be complete without our legendary picture taking sessions. Here are some of our pictures, which are mostly in (trying-to-be) sexy poses:

Since Nico can’t sleep anymore, he and Kriz, prepared and cooked our dinner of inihaw na liempo and tilapia with some leftover adobo we had for lunch. After the swim, we bathe, had dinner and rest for a few hours. Then during the evening, we gathered in a small bonfire. We had the usual drinking/kwentuhan/eating session. Now that’s Nico’s favorite moment! But mine was during bedtime. Wholesome to ok?! It was because I slept beside my niccolo around his arms. I just loooove the feeling!

The next day, we went to the beach again to continue our picture taking (yes, bitin pa din kme) Again here are some pictures:

Nico and I didn’t have any pictures together because he was drunk the previous night so he spend the half the day sleeping. We had lunch afterwards and rest/sleep to prepare ourselves for another long journey going back home.
And long journey that was. From Batangas to Tagaytay it already took us 3 hours! So we have to stop over at Teriyaki boy in Tagaytay to have dinner. It took us an hour and of course since that was Tagaytay, we just can’t resist the urge to have our picture taking sessions again.

After 3 more hours, we finally reached home! I was so tired and sleepy because I still have work to do the next morning. Overall, it was a fun outing as usual, even without Algine, Deth & Melben and Tonee & Anthony, it was still another nice memory for me to treasure.