Friday, November 30, 2007

Icky and Pia's Wedding

Last November 24, my good friend Pia, married her boyfriend Icky at St. Joseph's Parish Las Pinas. We were all surprised when they announced that they're getting married. After all, they were only dating for a couple of months. That was my first reaction, surprise. After that, I felt envious. Syempre naunahan pa nya ako eh! Hahaha! She's supposed to be one of my future bridesmaid but the roles were reversed. Hmp! Anyway, even if she got hitched earlier, I still love her and Icky and we wish they'll continue to grow in love together! Best Wishes guys and Congrats!!

I would love to post pictures of the newly wed but I didnt have the time to take pictures then. Just came from my shift so I was sooooo tired and lazy to do so. So I'll just post our pictures instead.

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