Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh My Gas!

I don't drive (because I don't know how) so I don't really pay attention everytime we go to the gas station. I just know that the cost of super unleaded is within Php30.00 to Php40.00++ per liter. When I watch the news, I always hear complaints from jeepney drivers about the cost of diesel. Again, I'm not affected too much.

So you can just imagine my surprise when I saw the price of super unleaded. Php50.50. Fifty freaking pesos and fifty centavos! My god! It's sooo effing expensive! Wala na ba halaga ang piso? Then I check all the gas receipts I've kept in a month. Wahhh!!! I'm not an effective home planner!!

Right then and there, I decided to stop using daily our car going to work. Uhmm... I maybe over reacting... Since I'm pregnant and really hate commuting in the morning to work, I changed my mind and told my hubby to use the car twice a week instead. Anyway, our office is just a 5-10 minutes drive from work, so it won't be such an inconvenient.

Oh boy... I though I'm doing a great job budgeting our finances. Arrgh! I'm so bothered by the current prices of these basic commodities. I wonder if the government is doing something about this..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's our First!

I've already drafted a blog post for our first wedding anniversary trip to Coron. I usually make my draft through word pad but since our pc crashed along with a lot of my files and pictures, I have no choice except to start from scratch. So on to my story... I'll try to make it short as much as possible since I don't want to bore you with some of my nonsence blah blah. =)

We celebrated our first anniversary last December 8. Since it was a holiday of obligation, we chose to just hear mass at the same church we were married. Our celebration/vacation though, was spend in Coron last December 17-19. It was a double wedding celebration with our couple friends, it was their 6th year.

Anyway, since I'm pregnant and was having an afternoon sickness and motion sickness, my husband almost decided to cancel this trip. I was adamant since it might be our last time to travel before we have a baby. Due to the limited time, we decided to have an island hopping packed itinerary. We arrived in Coron at noon and stayed at Rudy's Place (I don't really like the place but it's cheap and we just took baths and sleep there anyways so I guess it'll do. Their food on the other hand is superb! Sarap!).

Our first stop was Kayangan Lake. The climb up was a challenge since it was slippery and steep but I like to think I was fit that's why I had few difficulties. The view is amazing, worth the climb. It's my favorite among all the islands in Coron. We went to Twin Lagoon next but the boatman and our guide told me it'll be hard for me and it was (per my husband) so I just stayed at the boat.

The next day, we're off to Bulog Dos Island and Malcapuya. I so love Bulog Dos! It was just a tiny island but the view is so breathtaking! Malcapuya is similar but just bigger. Check out my lomo pics at my other blog . To sum it up, I've been to a lot of beautiful beaches in the Philippines. So far, Coron is the best for that relaxing beach life we're all looking for. What makes it more amazing is because I spend it along with the most important person in my life.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lechon de Aso

I meant to post this last 01.01.11 but our PC was busted. What a way to start the new year. Luckily, I was able to get myself a new netbook. Hooray! I'm back to blogging!

Every new year's eve had been a terrible experience for my dogs (I think this applies to all pets) with all those firecrackers and extremely loud sounds. We don't have any problem with Britney (7 years old) since she just stays at the corner of the house silently trembling but it's a different story for my other dog, Bambi (10 years old). She can't stay at one corner, she pees everywhere, knocks off all the trashcans and vases she can see. We tried comforting her but we end up having tons of scratches. Anyway, after 10 years we just got tired of her. She just ignore her her and let her do whatever she wants since it's just once every year.

At 12:00 midnight, we all went outside to watch the fireworks. Yada yada, boom boom here, boom boom there. When we got back inside, my parents were laughing so hard because they found Bambi at a very unusual spot in the house... at the top of our dining table trembling but otherwise looking calm. She looked so cute even if she's dirty! My fat dog even looks like a substitute for lechon de leche. Good thing she didn't eat any of food. Hahaha! I just adore my dogs!