Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh My Gas!

I don't drive (because I don't know how) so I don't really pay attention everytime we go to the gas station. I just know that the cost of super unleaded is within Php30.00 to Php40.00++ per liter. When I watch the news, I always hear complaints from jeepney drivers about the cost of diesel. Again, I'm not affected too much.

So you can just imagine my surprise when I saw the price of super unleaded. Php50.50. Fifty freaking pesos and fifty centavos! My god! It's sooo effing expensive! Wala na ba halaga ang piso? Then I check all the gas receipts I've kept in a month. Wahhh!!! I'm not an effective home planner!!

Right then and there, I decided to stop using daily our car going to work. Uhmm... I maybe over reacting... Since I'm pregnant and really hate commuting in the morning to work, I changed my mind and told my hubby to use the car twice a week instead. Anyway, our office is just a 5-10 minutes drive from work, so it won't be such an inconvenient.

Oh boy... I though I'm doing a great job budgeting our finances. Arrgh! I'm so bothered by the current prices of these basic commodities. I wonder if the government is doing something about this..


jasmine109 said...

hi sis. i agree with your sentiments. commodities' prices arises every week! diesel's price here is P44.20!!! *sigh.. someone is not doing his homework..:)

thanks for following me.. i followed you too.

RoSe said...

Mahal na nga ang gasolina ngayon, sis. Which is why I've decided to commute to work kesa magpahatid pa sa dad ko. It lessened our monthly expenses talaga. Hayyy I miss those days na P30+ pa yung diesel.

Diane said...

Hay naku ako din. I decided to stop using the car everyday. Bad trip na ako. For sure, with what's happening sa Egypt, sasabihin nanaman na tataas ang gas. Hay.

Anonymous said...

as a student, my concern is always the pamasahe. even the foods in canteen nagtataas na rin. haaay!

Chew On This said...

Whenever I see the fuel prices these days, I wanted to faint LOL! just kidding! but it's enough for me to gape at the sign boards. I wouldn't be surprised if PUVs all around demand fare hikes soon. I hate these fuel companies. I saw in the news one time that they have this humungous fuel storage in the middle of the ocean where they are keeping the fuel IN SECRET (in order to simulate a shortage) until there is a price hike when they sell them in the market.

Kimmy said...

Sobrang expensive nga ng gas ngayon! Ang bigat para sa akin dahil araw araw ko dala ang kotse. Ang laki nga ng nacoconsume ng gas sa budget namin. :(