Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crazy for Mason

There used to be one thing one thing on my mind when the hear the name "Mason," it's Mason Disick, the son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. I love this boy and his dapper style! So much that I dress my son like him. He's my favorite Kardashian. So yeah, I'll admit that I'm a fan of this reality show. Hehehe! 

Another "Mason" that I'm currently obsessing with are MASON JARS!! I want the regular clear mason jars, the vintage blue jars, colored mason jars, mason jugs or whatever you it, and oh I also want the daisy lids! These are just too rustic vintage. And I looove vintage stuff!

from ig account of paperstrawlove
It started when I started planning my son's birthday but because my brother-in-law recently passed away, we felt having a birthday party may not be appropriate anymore. 

Anyway, I also love organizing things. I've been thinking of a way to organize a section in our pantry and I think these mason jars are perfect for the job. I'm also thinking of replacing the drinking glasses we're using. We're a thirsty family and love to drink a lot. I think these mason jars with handle are perfect because of its large water content. 

Everytime we do our groceries, we (actually just I) end up buying chocolate drinks, fruit juices, and tea. I love grapes and strawberries too, so I make it a point to get atleast one. I consume them within two weeks but I'd hate the way our ref would look. All those plastics, cartons, and storage bottle.. I really hate a clutered ref. So I would love to see our drinks and fruits, neatly packed in these mason jars. 
I also plan on using them as vases but then I realized, it will be too expensive! It's better to use empty sauce and spread bottles for that. Have you tried googling on the uses of mason jars? Do so and you'll be amaze! You might even become a fan, too!


Last March 12, my brother-in-law lost his battle with cancer. To all those you'll read this post, please say a prayer for him. It will be appreciated.
 I never met him personally because he was already in the US when I met my husband and never had the chance to come home. He was a very good person and a very generous one too! He shares all his blessings with his family. One thing I admire about him, he lived his life despite his illness. He will surely be missed!

RIP Jay Pantaleon