Monday, December 31, 2007

One last hurray for 2007!

MP had our Christmas/New Year's party at Lynette's place with our husbands/bf and children. It was just a typical get together for the girls. We updated each other on what's happening with our lives while the boys drown themselves with the good old san miguel. Of course it wouldn't be complete without our favorite bonding moment, Picture taking!

Merry Christmas and happy New Year again MP family!

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jhen said...

Haaaayyy!happy 3rd year anniversary to both of you!!!cheers!!!i miss everything abt you gurl...ur insanely inlove w/ payatot!hehehehe..what can i say? i love the shoes, ukay -ukay! hahaha! though, baguio brought painful memories, it's still the best place for 2 people who are madly, crazy in love with each hoping and praying for the big'll surely come and ill be there mare! love u alwaiz around..LOVE U!!!!