Friday, October 5, 2012

I Want A Boy

Now that I'm a mother of a 15-month boy, the most asked question I get is "When will you plan on baby number two?" Then, a follow up statement of "You should have a baby girl next time. Para quota na." Well, if I get pregnant again, I will not care if it's a boy or a girl. I'll just wish for a normal and healthy baby - that's all. And I'd probably stop at three if it's up to me.

BUT. IF I HAVE A CHOICE, I prefer another boy. Sure, it's really fun to dress up a baby girl and to buy all those pink and purple girly stuff, but in my experience, baby boys are a lot sweeter than girls. Baby boys have a different kind of charm than those of baby girls. Maybe it's also because of the law of attraction. Contrary on what other think, I am actually fond of kids, so I babysat a lot of my younger cousins and even a neighbor in my teens. Boys tend to kiss and hug much while girls tend to kiss and smile a lot. I guess I'm a hug kind of person, huh? Or maybe, I'm just used to a dominantly-male family?
Another reason why I may prefer a baby boy is that baby boys are easy to take care. Not too demanding since they want to do things on their own (aren't girls are like this as well?) You wouldn't have to fuss about an insect bite that may ruin your baby girl's skin in the future, a dark complexion, or a big nose that might make her feel insecure, and so on.

Also, since I looove shopping, how can I possibly resist all the cute baby stuff I've been seeing online and at the mall? It would be better for my wallet and bank account if I have another boy in the future. What will I do with all those blue baby stuff in our closet? =) I also can't think of a cute name for a baby girl. I wanted "Ivanna" before but since a close friend named her baby Yvanna, I couldn't think of a girl name that I really wanted. On the other hand, I have already 3 sets of boy names I want to give my future baby. I know. I am that dense sometimes. =P
I wouldn't have to think about this anytime soon anyway. My husband and I have talked about this already. While we are excited to add to our family, we feel we still have to take and cherish our time as we watch Quino grow up fast and learn new things. That's why, we hope that we'll get visited by the stork again in a year or two. Who knows anyway? Just thinking aloud. 


beestows said...

don't be pressured much sis. It will come. and tama ka, it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl. Normal and healthy baby is a blessing already, regardless of gender.

Goodluck sis! and btw, i just followed you :)

Samantha Justine Zamora said...

regarding the attraction part, it's normal for boys to kiss and hug more. If you had a baby girl, and a guy would be taking care of them, they'd be kissing and hugging them too! haha!

That's because even at a very young age, it is built by instinct for us to determine attractive people for genetic purposes. And when they think someone is attractive they tend to be more "sweet and malambing" towards that person... :P

I watch too much discovery channel haha!

(following you now via GFC feel free to follow back... ^^)

Mrs. Kolca said...

Baliktad tau mommy! I want a baby girl pa din kahit meron na'kong girl. Dressing up my little one, going shopping and watching movies together (even she's only 4) is so much fun! How much more pa kaya if dalagita na sha! :))

Ayen said...

followed you back beestows and samantha!

thanks for the comments! i really boys over girls. but i'll get pregnant again, ill love that baby regardless of gender!