Saturday, December 29, 2012

Muffin Makin'

I've been a busy mom and a housewife these past few months. My son is now a very active toddler so I need to constantly keep him within my sight. As you know, I now work in the night shift and without a household helper. Although blogging is the last of my priorities, I still can't help but feel bad knowing that I have been neglecting my long time blog. Nevermind if I even have a follower who reads what I have to say. Anyway, to those who do, I'm back (atleast for this week) with a vengeance! :)
Eversince I got married, I wanted to cook and bake for my husband and future children. The problem is, I don't know how. When my husband and I started living on our own, I learned how to cook abodo, tinola, sinigang, and nilaga. It's not that complicated (per my husband) but I really felt like a wife! Now if I can only bake. Easy? Uhmm.. We don't have an oven. I wanted to buy one but husband doesn't want to due to limited space in our kitchen.
Thank God for group buying sites, I saw a Muffin and Cupcake maker offer at Deal Grocer. For Php999 only, I'll be able to make a 7 cupcakes/muffin within 7 minutes. So I clicked, bought, and paid for it without consulting my husband. Waited almost 3 weeks and it was delivered straight to our house.
I opened the box and thought it was too small. Kind of like a toy for kids. Still, for Php999, I guess it wasn't that bad. So I bought some baking ingredients, tried, and prayed to make atleast one edible muffin. And I did!! I was relieved that it was so easy to use this device. My husband actually liked it despite its small size (almost the same size as Kenny Rogers' muffins.) I posted the first 2 batches I made. These are banana and pistachio muffin by the way. I know it doesn't look that enticing but I was also happy when I learned that my husband had been telling some of our common friends that I make delicious muffins. Big smile! And that my friends, was how I spent the best damn Php999 ever!


lai said...

best damn Php999 indeed.
we don't have an oven, too. but my mom does and she lives nearby. i prepare the dough at home then walk over to their house whenever i feel like baking.

Nathalie said...

Nice! Where else is this available? I stick to no-bake or microwave cookies and bars since our oven is busted.