Saturday, January 26, 2013

I Just Don't Have Time

It sound negative but it's not. I am going to make it my mantra. Things that I want to change in myself. I don't want to make a set of New Year's Resolution but as you age, you just realize that time is really precious. I regret the times I worried and thought of stupid things that didn't really matter.
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To be conscious of my waistline... Atleast I eat more than 3 times a day.

To be embarrassed of my strechmarks... I'm a mom. It happens.

To be bothered by gray hair... I get old because I'm alive.

To complain about taking care of my uber kulit na toddler ... I got pregnant when others cannot.
To feel insecure of my son's physical qualities.... Every kid is unique, and they develop differently.

To feel envious of husbands who give their wives LVs and Tiffanys... I have someone who comes home everyday who helps me with everything.

To complain about my parents who acts like THE parent of my child... Loving my child more than they love me is a blessing.

To complain about my inlaws who insist on us visiting them weekly... how can I complain about the attention and overflowing love my little boy is receiving from his relatives?


yammie said...

Great post on looking at things in a positive light. I hope I can start to do this, too.

Rae said...

<3 this. sometimes, if there's no bright side to things. there's always a lesser dark side.

Maita of Makeup On Demand said...

What a great post, Ayen. You get a whole new perspective when you count your blessings. :)

Ayen said...

That's right! We really have to look at the good side of everything :)

Ayen said...

I hope you will :) it's my sort of new year's resolution

Ayen said...

Thank you! Its my own way of counting my blessing and appreciating what i have :)