Saturday, January 26, 2013

Suesh Makeup Brushes and Workshop

I've always like reading makeup and fashion blogs and magazines since it brings out the girl in me. I don't wear a lot of makeup. My makeup routine is a face powder foundation, a bit of blush every now and then, a mascara, and my red lipstick. This doesn't mean though, that I don't know how to put eyeshadow and eyeliner. I know how but I don't use one.
Being an only girl, my mama would hand me makeups, colognes, nail polish, and other girly stuff that she receives from her friends. She doesn't use and need one because she's always at home and busy with our store. One thing I don't have and always wanted to have are makeup brushes. I've been bugging some of my friends to attend a makeup workshop at Suesh since we'll get to buy discounted brushes. Of course they declined. Until last month, my coworkers discovered their inner makeup junkies and asked me to attend the workshop with them. I was more than willing to join them.
The workshop was help at Suesh boutique in Alabang Town Center by one of its owner, Suzanne Tan. I though our instructor was bored when we first saw her. Or maybe she was tired? She was knowledgeable alright but she sure wasn't that enthusiastic. She smiled just a few times but she did assist every one of us individually.
I didn't bring my makeup because I though we'll be provided one. We were actually provided one and our 6-person workshop shared the palettes. For hygienic purposes I don't like sharing makeups with people I don't know so it was a mistake in my part. Good thing I get to immediately use my 7 pieces brushes. These are so soft and doesn't shed. I can't compare with other brands though since these are my first makeup brushes.
Overall, I liked the experience and I learned something new. Since I know a thing or two on putting on makeups, this basic workshop is not really that helpful to me. Now, they also offer Advance workshop, which I am more interest in attending. Now, I'll just have to look for a companion...

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