Thursday, October 13, 2011


I just bought 3 books last weekend. I was on sky high! I realize that I've been a zombie spending my day in front of the telly and laptop for the last few months (that is, when I'm not taking care of my baby boy) and frankly, I feel that my brain is getting skinny as my arse. I've been itching to buy books for weeks so when the release of my much anticipated book for this year, "Son Of Neptune" finally came, I'm glad I was able to find other good reads to feed my starving brain and imagination.

I love books! I guess my 550-graded eyeglasses can attest to that. I read everything from classic, horror, fantasy, inspirational, religious, adventure, even comics and sometimes those old boring philosophical ones. Except love stories. Nope. I don't read purely romantic books. I don't know but it just bores me. Right now, my favorites are those for young adults.
I started reading and collecting pocketbooks when I was in third grade. I can still remember my first three books: 1 Sweet Valley Kids and 2 Sweet Valley Twins. I was hooked! I was lucky enough to have a father who was more than willing to buy books for his spoiled daughter.
In high school, I was told not to spend too much time reading since my astigmatism is getting higher - from 50, it went up to 225 in two years. As a result, my papa decided to refrain from buying too many books. But hey, ever heard of the library? Almost every other day, I borrowed books from our library and spent my time at home curled up in my room with books on my right hand and food on my left.
Sometimes I'd miss those day.. those lazy days when I can finish a book for a day. Now, its already a luxury if I can finish five chapters uninterrupted. And of course I can't bring my books to anywhere I want to. I don't like to see crumpled books with folded pages. I always make sure I take care of my books properly so I don't open them too widely when I'm reading.
A friend also suggested that I get a kindle or an iPad with ebook reader. That would look so neat, in a techie geeky kind of way. I really would if I could but I can't so I shan't. Remember my astigmatism? I don't want to be legally blind in a few years! 550 is already freaking high! Anyway, traditional books or ebooks, I don't care, I just hope I'll be able to finish my recent stash before October ends. I'm craving for more and I intend on adding a few good titles on my booklist.


kath said...

i miss reading books..unfortunately been too busy..hope i'll find time :)

Ayen said...

thanks for your comment! i know the feeling.. just finished reading 1 book and it took me 1 week already =)

OrganizedJunkie said...

I love Rick Riordan, one of my fave YA authors! I should get my hands on those copies.