Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Movers Connection

I've been sooo busy the last few weeks that I haven't been updating my blog. You see, I've been busy with the latest chapter in my married life. We finally moved out and living on our own. Just the three of us - husband, wife, and baby. Ok, make it four including our helper.

We've been thinking of moving out once I give birth but my in laws wanted to take care of the baby. I guess it was better in a way since we'll be able to save more for the renovation of our house. Yes, it's not a brand new house. My parents gave/lend it to us so we could start on our own. Shameless, I know but I was really in desperate need to move out. A castle cannot have 2 kings and queens afterall.

I pretty much left everything to them since my husband knows how I would prefer our house to be. I've been saving pics on my dream kitchen, bedroom, livingroom, bathroom, etc. He liked most of it anyway so I was confident my husband knows exactly what we wanted. These are some of our inspirations. Our theme is red, black, white, and gray.

It was a nightmare for me though, in terms of budgeting. I know it could be costly but I didn't realize that it would be THAT COSTLY! Aside from the cost of rebuilding the house, we had to buy appliances and furniture. We were lucky enough to have a few appliances and some basic household stuff which we got as wedding gifts. Nonetheless, we are officially rich in dept.

Moving out was easy as well since we've brought a few of our stuff over on a weekly basis since last month. As for the furniture, well, almost everything was new so it was delivered straight to our home.

I really want to share and blog about a lot of things since this housewife stuff is just new and exciting to me. Like me starting to learn how to cook, plan meals, budget, helper issue, etc, but I just have so little time. I guess those are what I'll be blogging about in the next few months!

A better way to end this story is to give you a peek of our modest home. It still feels empty since we still have lots of spaces and walls to decorate and it's not as big as I would have wanted but like how one eraserheads song goes, "bahay namin maliit lamang, pero pero pero malinis to pati sa kusina." ;D


OrganizedJunkie said...

Very homey! Congrats on the big move! I'm sure it's as exciting as it is nerve wracking!

Pink MagaLine said...

The black and red theme looks sexy and sophisticated. Hmmm.. when do I get to design OUR OWN house? :(

Visiting from GT sis. Please visit back.

charmedwitch776 said...

nice touch...very modern but homey.

guest from GT...

Anonymous said...

It looks cozy and homey, and I like the touch of red. (=

Ayen said...

thank you all! =)

Jhan said...

Sis, our dining table looks the same!!! and I can see that looney tunes sterilizer too which is exactly what I have as well.

Loved your theme!!!

Ours is black, red and beige naman!!!

Hope you can post more pics!

Jackie Champion said...

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