Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One of Those Pregnancy Post

I've been on hiatus for about a month now. I just feel so lazy eversince I got pregnant - I don't want to do anything except to lie around, watch TV, and read articles about pregnancy. I've also been itching to buy baby stuff but the oldies keep reminding me to start buying on my last trimester.

And now, it's almost here, will turn 29 weeks tomorrow! Time to start buying baby stuff! I've been dying to buy this cute crib for a couple of months now. Gosh, how time flies! It seems like yesterday, I posted how we decided to try conceiving and soon I'll be giving birth.

Don't ask for my baby's gender since we're keeping it a surprise. Honestly, I'm so tempted to schedule an ultrasound by myself so I can pretend to my husband that I don't know the gender but come to think of it, it's a bit exciting to know the gender on the D day itself. Don't you think? Anyway, here's a pic of my tummy at 28 weeks. It's still small compare to other but my OB Gyne assured us that the baby is developing just fine.


kbc said...

this brings back memories when i was pregnant with my son joaquim.. :)
kaka-excite no? :)

Chew On This said...

sis, I hope you could really wait for the day when you will find out about the gender :) Kaya lang it would be hard to buy her or his stuff. Before, when I still didn't know if I was having a boy or girl, I ended up buying stuff in yellow or brown :)

Haydee said...

grabe! am I last to know ba.. i didnt know you are pregnant until this blog.. and you are on your 29th week na nga.. Congratulations, yen! im so happy to hear this news.. i pray for your healthy baby =) miss you..

Ayen said...

@kbc: yep, sobrang excited nako, just 2 more months and we'll be able to hold our baby.

@chew on this: since this is our first born, we really want to wait til the delivery date to know the gender. most of the stuff i bought were white and yellow as well =)

@haydz: how come di kayo nagchecheck ng facebook? ive posted kaya my pregnancy announcement last october pa. anyway, sayang and you we were not able to join us, ang kukulit pa din nila. next time sama ka na ha!

OrganizedJunkie said...

I wanted to keep the gender of our baby a surprise as well, but my curiosity took the best of me. I gave in and asked the sonologist what the baby's gender was. I hope you stay strong! Konti na lang and you'll be able to hold him/her, I know I'm excited with mine. :)