Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

For the last few weeks, my officemates and I have been discussing on how to have an extra income. From tutorial to paid by clicks online, name it we've talked about it. Why do we need it when we have stable jobs? Of course, to have more money! We can never have too many money. Don't get me wrong, I love the simple things in life like waking up every morning, a kiss and hug from my loved ones, and a simple smile from anybody I know. But money will also give me the stuffs that I've been dreaming about.

One of those officemates, Jodet of
The Kitchen Apron created her dreamboard - the things she wanted to have as a result of her hard earned money. That's why I decided to make mine. I actually had this list since I graduated from college. It's the things I wanted to have for myself before I reach 50 years old. I don't really need a long list since most of the time, I'm contented with my life or with what I have. You can say that these are just some stuff that will make me say that I'm really really contented and fulfilled.

1. Egypt, 2. Cambodia, and 3. Italy. These are the three countries I badly want to visit. Sure, traveling to other places will make me happy but these three are my ultimate dream destinations. The Pyramids of Egypt, The Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Rome, Italy. I guess I'm just a history buff and have always been fascinated in the ancient civilization.

4. Emerald ring and earrings. Just because my favorite color is green and emerald is my birth stone.

5. Own house and lot. I know I'll inherit a few from my parents but nothing beats the pride and satisfaction to say that I bought my own house and lot from my own money.

6. Baby. One of the things I fear the most is not being able to produce an offspring. I'm glad I did and I want 2 more if possible. That's one dream fulfilled!

7. Car. Just like number 5, I want to get one for myself. How can I be a soccer mom if I don't have my own car? But first I need to learn how to drive. Hahaha!

8. Partner in life. Number 6 will not be possible without the number 7 on my list. I thought I would never find another man after the trauma I've experienced from my first boyfriend. I'm glad I found the one. That's a big check on my list!

2 out of 8 is not so bad huh. Anyway, I still have two decades to achieve these things. Are these possible? Or do think it'll remain a dream? You betcha it is! I believe in the power of perseverance and positive thinking. ;)


Chew On This said...

I wonder what I will put in my dreamboard. ^_^

Karla said...

Of course your dreams will come true. I really like your positive thinking! :) I think having a dreamboard is a very good idea. It's great that you were able to achieve 2 out of 8. That is already an achievement! ^_^

I would love to go to Egypt too. I have always been interested in the country's rich history.

Take care! :)

OrganizedJunkie said...

That's a great attitude! Now you made me think about my dreamboard =)

anney said...

Dreams do come true! Just always be positive. Sometimes we have to create our own destiny. We have to act in order to achieve it than waiting for it to happen. Have a great week!

Jodet said...

yey, thanks for the mention ayen..hehe, it's fun doing the dreamboard expecially if you see things are coming by one :)

Ayen said...

thank you guys for comments! i highly encouragr you all to make you own dreamboards!! =)