Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I Need To Be Fit!

This will be my battle cry for this month. I know that I'm not physically in shape but I didn't know it was that bad...

this picture isn't mine ;)

I wanted to lessen my son's exposure to TV and gadgets so yesterday, I hid all the tablets at home and told him we'll go outside and play. I was thinking of introducing him to some of my childhood games like tumbang preso, piko, taguan tao. We tried them all and he liked it! We also planted seeds and watered our plants. My boy was so happy that he didn't want to go back inside the house. In a way, I was satisfied because I've achieved my goal -- he totally forgot about using his iPad and watching TV -- and he wants to go out more!

After his nap, he went to school and I was left at home alone. I was researching online about ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and thought that I should have him do more physical activities instead of using electronic devices as his "babysitter." As I was planning our activities for tomorrow, I started feeling muscle cramps in my leg. My feet also hurts and have a certain kind of numbness to it. My body aching and was badly craving for a soothing massage.

I then realized how badly out of shape I am. To think all we did were to jump and run for a couple of hours. I cannot even cope up with my 4-year old. So today, bodyache and all, I ask my son to do light exercises with me: jumping jacks, neck rotation, bending, etc. I'm feeling more tired now to be honest. I just want to rest and sleep. 

But I need to change ASAP. So I ate the last bite of graham cake we did last weekend. I'll start eating more healthy from now on and I'm hoping by the end of this week, we'll be able to do brisk walking or jogging in the park near our home (I can't even jog for 10 minutes without resting). I don't necessary want to be as sexy as I was before (because I know it won't happen anymore) but I just want to be fit. I also plan on getting pregnant so this is a good way to start our TTC (Trying To Conceive) journey. If anyone wants to share their fitness regimen (yung simple lang ha?) that a beginner like me can do, please let me know. God knows I badly need one.


pinay fitness said...

You can do it sis.
One step at a time -- just be consistent with your baby steps :)

Karen said...

reading your blog already motivates me. thanks! =)

PseudoShrink said...

Good luck on your quest!

Karen said...

thank you, I need that!