Sunday, February 14, 2016

How To Really Love A Child

Every now and the, my mother-in-law would give me newspaper or magazine clippings about parenting. Sometimes, she also lend me books (which are just piled up together with old magazines and children's books at home) on how to raise kids and be a good parent or spouse. I haven't read any of the books (sorry, mommy) but I always save the clippings for reference.

Today on Valentine's Day, I want to share one of those clippings, my MIL gave me and my husband. It is timing because it's about love - how to really love a child.

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"Be there. say yes as often as you can.
Let them bang on pots and pans.
If they're crabby put them in water.
Read books out loud with joy.
Go find elephants and kiss them.
Encourage silly. Giggle a lot.
Remember how really small they are.
Search out the positive.
Keep the gleam in your eye. Go see
a movie in your pajamas. Teach feelings.
Realize how important it is to be a child.
Plan to build a rocketship.
Stop yelling. Invent pleasures together.
Surprise the. Express your love. a lot.
Children are miraculous."

- By Sark

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