Thursday, January 21, 2016

Forty Winks and a Good Night's Sleep

As a newly stay-at-home mom, spending your day taking care of your child and managing your household can be a challenge. It seems so easy but I realized that it' not. You cannot reason with a 4-year old boy like you do with a colleague; you will never win. You cannot ignore the toys on the floor like you do with the pieces of office supplies on your office floor; no one will clean it but you. You also cannot count the remainder of your 8-hour work day like you do at work since your work is 24 hours. It's only been more than a week since I've resigned and I'm already missing my routine as a regular employee. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty much loving every moment I get to spend with my son (including his tantrums) but my body I still not used to "taking it easy." I've worked for more than 13 consecutive years so forgive me if I still haven't get rid of my work routine yet.

The only positive side to this new career is I get to sleep a lot of hours now. I love sleeping for more than 8 hours a day! When I became a working mom, this is the only thing I was deprived of. On a good day, 5 hours of sleep was already a luxury. Make it 4 interrupted hours on a regular basis and you can just imagine how cranky I could get. I long for the days that I will sleep for more than 8 hours like when I was single and without responsibilities. I'm so happy that I get to do it now! One time, I get to sleep for 9 hours at night with a 3-hour siesta in the afternoon! I was soo happy and recharged the next day! Pure bliss!

I went to the office the other day to have my exit interview and do my clearance. As I was preparing myself, I noticed that I don't need a concealer anymore to hide my dark under eyes. It's not that noticeable anymore. Yes! One beauty problem solved! Just search online the different benefits of sleeping and you'll now what I mean. I'm so happy that I get to catch up on my z's after 4 years of being a mom, if you know what I mean.

I'm also taking advantage of this opportunity because I know that when we finally have the business we're planning as well as possible online jobs I'm eyeing, I may not be able to enjoy this again for a long time. So for now, I try to find ways to rest and sleep. I also checked online and found this article a nice read for sleep deprived mom that used to be me. It's not about the physical benefit, a lot have to do about the mental health and general well-being of us moms who are working for more than 16 hours a day.

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PseudoShrink said...

Hahahahaha! APIR! I love sleeping as well, and pag napuyat ako, parang ibang tao. I don't claim na mabait ako, just that I'm horrible when I'm puyat. Unfortunately, ganun din ang daughter ko. All the bad energy and emotions, lumalabas pag kulang sya sa tulog or inaantok.