Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogging.. Blog.. Blah.

Just a quick post about blogging in general. Obviously, I love blogging. I want to share myself, my opinion, my experience to the cyberworld through my own little online space. I'm not a very good writer but I know I can express myself more through writing than talking. Anyway, my day will not be complete without blog hopping. I don't frequently leave comments but I read most entries on the blogs I follow (and sometimes even those that I don't follow).

It just annoys me how some people create blog but can't find time to maintain it. It's like adopting a pet. At first, you give all your attention to it but once your pet grows, you start to neglect it. Hello, ningas cogon!

Ever since I've started this blog in 2007, I'm proud to say that I was able to create a blog entry at least once a month. I don't post daily on my blog because I know I can't maintain and keep it like that. Excuse me for ranting, just letting people know of one of my pet peeves.


Traveliztera said...

hey! congrats on keepin it up with your blog! :D I was on a hiatus for a few months but I still updated it once a month to let the people know I'm still up for it, but when I came back to blog more, a lot of my blogger peeps left. =( They're no longer updating their blogs... :( Anyway, I'm glad with your purpose. I'll see you around here longer! ;D

Anonymous said...

Since I was in grade school, I've been writing a journal. Thanks to the internet, I can get more creative through blogs. Blogging is so enjoyable. Hope I'm getting better at it everytime I write. Also, hope I still have interesting stories to tell in the future.

blogging makes me want to live life the fullest... no kidding!

Ayen said...

thanks for the comments! more power (and more stories to tell) for us dedicated bloggers!

Karla said...

Its nice how you were able to keep up with your blog. :) I hope I can do the same too. Blogging is really nice and a good outlet to release your thoughts.

Newlyweds said...

sad but true..that`s why i often leave a comment or message when i blog hop, to let fellow bloggers feel that there people really reading their stuff.. : ) a random act of kindness as i call it..