Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shoes For My Blues

For a person like me who takes too long to decide what to wear, I sometimes prepare the clothes for work the next morning. I'm not really a hardcore fashionista who always dress to impress but I make sure my shoes would complement my outfit. Hence, the reason for my habit.

Here's a portion of that habit:

My name is Ayen, and I'm a shoe-holic. =D

Some people call it a waste of money and unnecessary, for me it's a necessity. I have a shoe fetish and I really can't stand to see nice clothes with the wrong kind of shoes. I could understand some people might frown this shoe splurging but hey I'm spending, not them. It's also better than smoking cigarettes! And it doesn't kill.

Luckily, my husband accepted this habit eversince we started dating. Admit it, we all feel insecure sometimes and one of the many reasons I love about my husband is that he knows a new pair of shoes makes me feel good about myself. Knowing that I'm wearing a great pair makes me feel sexy, confident and fashionable.

It doesn't mean though that he doesn't complain. Because he does! Specially everytime I whine about not having many shoes. And that's how I feel - not having enough shoes for every occasion. I use to buy at least two pairs of shoes a month when I was single. Of course I now have to prioritize my "needs and wants" since I'm married.

Sorry for my shallowness. One of you must be rolling your eyes now. Yes, I do know that some people in Africa doesn't even have one pair. Arrg! I'm being too defensive. I guess it's just one of those days when I really can't find a nice pair to wear. I'm know I have a shoe habit but I'm happy to say that it's something I can handle.


jellybelly said...

wow ang dami mong shoes! nice collection!

Mrs. Kolca said...

Hi sis! I think you're from GT, right?

Thanks for the visit. Hope you follow Pink MagaLine 'cos I have a monthly giveaway. You might want to join. Kakatapos lang ng giveaway ko for Sept. The Oct giveaway is coming.

See ya around! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping by my bloghome sis.

Wooww..dami shoes ah! baka naman gusto mo mag-donate ng shoes sakin? lol. :-D

Primp and Prettify said...

i love it sis, same tayo sa shoes and bags rin ako... major transformation naman kase kahit simpleng damit lang tas panalong shoes... :D

Shina of

Ayen said...

thanks for droppin' by my blog and reading this post =)

@jellybelly: thank you!
@mrs. kolca: yes, gtalker here!
@brainsnapshots: hahaha!
@primp and pretty: i have few bags lang eh. but i dream of owning a few designer bags. =)

Anonymous said...

love the silver sandals in the left lower most of the 2nd (bottom pic)

Lisa said...

Wow! umm... next Imelda? hihihi

Salamat sa pagvisit ng site ko :) Goodluck, sis!

vivapinay said...

Wow so many choices.. i also like to collect shoes pero lately di ko na nasusuot kasi sobrang bigat ko na.. hehehe

love your collection!!