Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Walking Around Singapore

I mean this literally. My Gawd! Even with the most comfortable flip flops and shoes, my feet (and body) hurts from walking around Singapore for four days. I think I badly need a massage and a foot spa!

Anyway, back to my story. My friend and I, together with my mother, went to Singapore for a vacation and to visit two of our close friends. We were able to save a lot since our accommodation was free (courtesy of our friend of course). Our itinerary includes the Orchard Road, Esplanade, Clark Quay, Sentosa, Universal Studios, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore zoo, and Jurong Bird Park. But we decided to scratch out our planned visit to the zoo and the bird park because I don't think we can handle another day of walking.

Everyone loves a good discount. And so are we! We were thankful that our friend works at Resorts World which is inside Sentosa so we were able to get discounted tickets to Universal Studio and use that same benefit for our shopping needs inside that place.

I like Singapore. I can walk around the street at midnight without worrying that somebody would stab me and take away my money. I also like the idea of their EZ card; commuting around the city is so convenient. And what about shopping? I like the fact that a tourist can get a refund for the items they bought. I wonder, is there something like this in the Philippines? If not, I think we should. To encourage tourists to spend more in our country.

What I'm not fond of is their language - Singlish. I can't really say I hate it because that's one of the things which makes that country unique. You can say I was amused and confused while talking to Singaporeans.

What I regret though, is that I decided to have this vacation without my husband. I thought I wanted to spend traveling with my friends but I kept on thinking about him the whole time - how he would have enjoyed the food, the scenes, the rides etc. That's why when we got back home, I gave him a promise that I won't be traveling without him anymore.

Hmm... I'll definitely go back to Singapore.


Carol said...

Why not like Singlish, lah? hahaha! Just kidding! I think you'll find different accents no matter where you travel. I wish to see Singapore also. I just hope I'd be as lucky to have your friend for the discounts. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I want to visit Singapore again :) walking for four days on flipflops really won't do heheh! kelangan geared up talaga when you're on your feet in Singapore. Sobrang dami maganda puntahan :) You probably had a good workout.

MISSY S said...

i also feel the same way everytime i go abroad. the feeling that you wish to be with somebody special seeing the things you are seing too. i really got teary eyed when i visited disneyland. thinking my nephews arent with me. but im pretty sure you had fun. also! youre so lucky to have your friends for the discounts! :D

Karla said...

Wow, I just came back a few days ago from Singapore too. I definitely could relate with the walking part! Sasabihin nila walking distance pero naku, ang layo!

Its a good thing nakatipid kayo sa accomodations. :) Grabe, ang mahal nga ng accomodations dito so we settled for a hostel na lang pero mahal pa din kahit papano.

Hindi ko din masyadong maintindihan singlish. Medyo nakakirita nga minsan pakinggan, hehe.

Glad you enjoyed your SG trip. Maybe next time makasama mo hubby mo. Take care ^_^

EMA said...

wow... looks like you had fun other than your aching feet and body... I wish I could visit singapore one day!

MISSY S said...

wow. i love singapore! ican imagine my self walkin around singapore on heels.wishfully thinkinhaha :)

MISSY S said...

wow. i love singapore! ican imagine my self walkin around singapore on heels.wishfully thinkinhaha :)