Monday, April 26, 2010

Day Trip To Corregidor

I've been dying to go out to a beach this summer. I feel so pathetic since most of my friends were able to go on swimming already - either swimming pools or breathtaking beaches. Hay... Inggit mode again. So when some of my office mates asked me if i would want to go to a Corregidor day tour, I immediately said yes without battling an eyelash. I know it's not a beach destination but hey, any destination is still a destination. Even if it's just a day tour. Yes, I was that desperate!

Anyway, what really bothered me is the ghost stories I've been hearing from people who visited the place. In other swords, I don't like scaring myself. I don't want to feel ghost all around me (in my experience, if I want to, I can just go the the nearest hospital.) What psyched me up is the opportunity for a lomo shoot in this island. And of course to learn about the history. Hehehe!

Since my husband won't be able to join, I asked my good friend Lynette (the maid of honor at my wedding) since I know she's been dying to go on a tour as well. My first impression with Corregidor is that it's soooo hot!!! Then I've experienced its eeriness... Oh yes, the ghost stories are true after all.

What's nice about this day tour is that I've learned a lot about Corregidor. Yeah, really! Did you know that the island of Corregidor is part of the municipality of Cavite? I've always thought it's in Bataan. Also, I was able to improve my lomographic skills. The burst of colors on my pictures are soo nice! You may view my blog on lomo at And best of all, it was cheap! I spent almost Php1600 for the day tour including the Malinta Tunnel light and sound show. One of these day, I'll go back to Corregidor. Perhaps with my kids and husband? =)


myfingersrtyping said...

I was raised in Cavite and no, I wasn't aware that Corregidor is part of Cavite, like you, I thought it's part of Bataan.

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

Checked out your pics!:) ghost stories huhhhhh I LOVE THATT I LOVE ghosthunters I wish I could go with them to investigate lol great place here!:)

Tsina said...

Only 1600php? That's nice. Wish I could try that too. :)

J said...

I've always wanted to go to Corregidor! I don't know what's stopping me! :D

Care to share the website of the tour agency? :)

Ayen said...

sis J, we bought our tickets directly at suncruise. they are the ones who arranged the trip. the fee already includes transpo, lunch, and the shuttle going around corregidor.