Friday, April 4, 2008

Gossip Girl

Watching “Gossip Girl” brought back high school memories that I almost forgot. No, I wasn’t like the “It girl” Serena van der Woodsem or the “Queen Bee” Blair Waldorf (although sometimes I wish I was) who both have famous outfits to die for. I was the mysteriously anonymous “Gossip Girl.” Sure I knew some of the campus tsismis but I didn’t start it, I only learned about those from my friends. After all, who doesn’t like juicy gossips especially if you were in high school?

Like most high school girls, we enjoyed talking about boys, fashion and of course gossiping about others. Up to now, it’s normal. It helped us cope with the anxieties and complications of being a teenager. Some of our schoolmate became famous because of the rumors spread about them.

In general, I was a good girl then, getting average to above average grades and with a big attention seeking barkada. Going back to my story, since gossiping became an everyday “thing” I didn’t realize that I was spreading a rumor about one of my teachers. I really forgot what it was and I didn’t really know if it was me who spread it. Maybe I was just “informing” some of my friends about it, I really don’t know. But one day, one of my classmates and I were sent to the Principal’s Office (in our school, if you did minor offenses, you’ll be sent to the Disciplinarian’s Office, if it’s major… it’s to the principal’s.) I remember the two of us sitting opposite each other clasping our hands tightly and was just scared to death. The principal was so upset, her voice raising while lecturing about how bad it is to gossip. I know we explained our sides to the story and kept saying sorry to her (but not to the teacher) promising that it will never happen again. I was so scared that they’ll contact my parents and get kicked out of school. Luckily, we were forgiven.

I learned my lesson the hard way but that didn’t stop me from gossiping. Hahaha! Sometime’s its just addicting. I’ll just have to be more cautious and discrete this time. Til next time! xoxo…

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Tahn said...

I miss my high school days! :)