Saturday, March 15, 2008


On December of 2004, I've met my bestfriends at work during our training days at Convergys. Out of all the trainees for wave 10, I’ve enjoy the company of Jhen (Ms. Seductive), Mhei (Ms. Congeniality), and Bones (Ms. Heartthrob). We have different backgrounds, principles, and interests. But surprising, we got along pretty well.
About two years ago, Bones left the company in the middle of a controversy. We were left to defend her and thankfully, the hullabaloo just naturally died down. While we didn’t miss the trouble, we did miss our troublemaker (hahaha!) friend. For two years, we tried to set dates, but after a lot of indyanan here and there, we finally got together last night, March 14, at Vivere Skyline.

Four hours isn’t enough for a two-year worth catching ups and tsismisan but we have to go since its getting late. As I capture (with my camera phone) my friends and I going our separate ways, I know tomorrow or the next few days, I’ll see them within the walls of Convergys or the streets of Alabang. But I will truly miss our honest to goodness long conversations and laughter. It doesn’t matter if new friends come; I cant really explain but… it’s just not the same.

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Liz said...

just dropping by to say that i love the title of your blog. ;-)