Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's our third!

It's my longest relationship ever and I'm hoping that this would be my last. We already have plans on getting married and I'm keeping my fingers cross. I just can't imagine myself growing old without him by my side.
Anyway, we celebrated our third anniversary in Baguio. My niccolo, gave me a white wallet from Guess. I've been looking for wallets fro a few months now, I just can't find anything that I would like (plus I'm in my kuripot mode since the start of 2008) to buy. So I added that on my wishlist for 2008 and I've been bugging him to buy all those things for me (which of course he declined to do so.) I'vw been relying on my old coin purse for year now and I'm glad he bought me one because I badly needed one!

After searching dozens of websites, we finally settled to stay at Inn Rocio in Kisad Road (http://www.innrociobaguio.com/) and were given room 1 as our resident for 3 days and 2 nights.

It was drizzling with light rain on our way to Baguio and I was feeling a little anxious. I don't want to spend my 3 days staying in our room (although that wasn't a bad idea as well, I would have love cozying with my niccolo.) And Nico wouldn't have liked it as well since there was a storm when he first went to Baguio so he didn't really enjoyed Baguio the first time. Upon stepping out of the bus, I was blown by a strong chilly wind and I stupidly blurted out "Shit! Ang lamig sa Baguio!"
Since Nico had trouble sleeping on the bus (and since it was still raining), we spend our 1st day watching cable tv, sleeping and hoping that tomorrow would be a sunny day.
It was sunny throughout the day so we were able to stroll the tourisy spot in Baguio. We had the usual pasalubong shopping. And when I say shopping, it would be complete without a pair of shoes. We went to SM Baguio (huh? a tourist spot?) and I was able to grab myself a pair of shoes from So Fab on sale for P299. But most of our pasalubongs were bought from Mines View.

It was our last day and I was anxious again (I'm an anxious person, can't you tell?) because I don't have any prized ukay ukay finds yet. So there I was, walking hand in hand with my beloved near Burnham Park when I saw a bunch of ukay ukay stalls. I was actually looking for a jacket but I stumpled upon this stall which sells bags and shoes. I was hesitant at first because I would never think I'd wear or buy used shoes from somebody I don't know. But I'd really liked it and since I kept on going back and fort to that same stall, Nico told me that if I really want it, I have to haggle really hard before buying. I can tell that he wasn't too keen as well buying used shoes. To make a long story short, I did haggle and I really liked the shoes. It actually looked kind of new or worn only once. You can tell from the soles.

Finally, after fixing our things, we headed to the bus terminal with both of us are carrying too many paper and plastic bags with our matching bulging Convergys sports bags. It's time to say "Bye Baguio, we'll see you next time!"
It's not really the cold atmosphere that made this trip romantic or memorable, more than anything else, it was the time you spend with your loved one. Yes I've enjoyed the view from SM Baguio, shopping at ukay ukays, and strolling aroung Burnham Park and Session Road but it wouldn't be twice as memorable if I hadn't spent it with the most important person in my life on a very special day.


Anonymous said...

Haaaayyy!happy 3rd year anniversary to both of you!!!cheers!!!i miss everything abt you gurl...ur insanely inlove w/ payatot!hehehehe..what can i say? i love the shoes, ukay -ukay! hahaha! though, baguio brought painful memories, it's still the best place for 2 people who are madly, crazy in love with each other...im hoping and praying for the big day..it'll surely come and ill be there mare! love u both...im alwaiz around..LOVE U!!!!

Oneida said...

Keep up the good work.